Topics regarding layoffs at American Airlines Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at American Airlines Group Inc.

American Airlines

American Airlines just terminated all 700 customer service employees between Dallas and Phoenix hubs. They are restructuring this department into a 150 employee workforce split between Dallas and Phoenix. Terminated employees will be given the... — read more 

How convenient

Now that they need us desperately, they suddenly have the money to give us all a 17 percent raise? Where was that money hiding before now, I wonder? I'm not complaining, mind you, I just find it funny how when we asked for a raise, there was no way... — read more 

Staffing shortages

Lawmakers and the public are frustrated that airlines are struggling to staff flights and recover from routine disruptions that cascade into hundreds or thousands of flight cancellations - as was the case earlier this year with Southwest, American... — read more 

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Bad Technology Group at AA

As a contractor at AA I can tell you their technology departments are the worst managed groups of all the airlines. There are no real architects or planners, and the IT managers I worked with are disorganized and abusive. They promote the worst... — read more 

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Don't think you're safe just yet

Look at what's happening in Australia. Qantas is furloughing 2,500 people once again and we might be right behind. Depending on how the whole Delta variant thing continues to develop, we might be seeing more and more of our planes grounded once... — read more 

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Our competitors

They all seem to be more efficient than AA but more importantly they actually fire poorly performing employees and managers. In 20 years we’ll probably still be here but we will just be irrelevant compared to others. I’m so glad I’m getting out soon... — read more 

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Where are these jobs?

No airlines are hiring right now that's for sure and yet I keep hearing of people who are walking away because they found new jobs. Where? Can you please tell the rest of us who is currently hiring people in our field? I really don't feel like... — read more 

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This is just a reprieve

All the people who are about to be called back should make sure to be really prepared for April, because it's likely they'll just find themselves without a job once again. AA did this after the first stimulus round. As soon as the benefits expired... — read more 

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Go Cargo...

Without passengers to fill domestic flights, airlines are turning to cargo If the layoffs proceed, anticipate heavy flight cuts and an uncertain holiday travel season unless travel demand picks up. Hotels and vacation rentals. •1,057:... — read more 

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Let's Rip the Band-Aid Off

Better to get it over with and move on. The truth hurts but it also frees, so here it is. YOU AREN'T GETTING RECALLED. Not soon, not late, not ever. The world has changed, and some industries(yours)especially will never be the same again... — read more 

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Don't wait to be laid off

I've started looking for a new job about a month ago and I finally managed to get something I'm happy enough with to leave this place. No, it's not in another airline (the situation is bad all around) and it's not even in this industry but it's a... — read more 

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There is no going back to normal

Don't be naive and think that things will go back to normal any time soon. We are at least five years away from things going back to pre-pandemic levels, if even then! Things have changed too much. It will take a long time for people to fully relax... — read more 

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Its happening now, Congress and the Taxpayer have decided not to throw another $25,000,000,000.00 ( did I get enough zeros) to American Airlines to survive another 4-6 months. Mr. D. P. is going to have to live with the mess that he created after... — read more 

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