Topics regarding layoffs at Southwest

Topics regarding layoffs at Southwest

Hiring 8,000 employees

I hope not many will jump to take advantage of this "opportunity." There are better airlines that are looking for employees if you need a job. I would make sure to consider all of them before joining this place. After having to deal with the toxic... —  read more 

Good news!

For all the naysayers - things are definitely looking up and much sooner than anybody expected. All the pilots and flight attendants have been notified they will be back on the job before summer. I kept telling people they were panicking for no... —  read more 

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I messed up

Why didn't I accept the package in July? That's the thing I've been thinking about nonstop for the past several months. I was stupid enough to think the pandemic scare would be done in a few months and we'd be able to go back to normal. The biggest... —  read more 

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Breathing a sigh of relief

I'll be honest, I consider myself very fortunate that the company is going to rescind its plans to cut jobs and wages thanks to a bailout. I was afraid of the impact layoffs would have on my family. I have some savings but not enough to not be... —  read more 

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Some good news?

Not sure this'll be long term, but it'll help. Airlines are now preparing to call back the tens of thousands of workers they let go in October. Congress approved government assistance to cover carriers’ payroll through the end of... —  read more 

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400 in Vegas

Southwest Airlines to layoff nearly 400 Las Vegas employees

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4 month countdown

My heart goes out to all the employees who will be impacted by this. I had hoped we would be spared but I guess it had to happen once. Please prepare yourselves financially, emotionally and mentally. They gave us enough time to make sure this isn't... —  read more 

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Sad (6K Layoffs)

It did happen - first time layoffs @ Southwest - 6K

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Southwest Airlines gives ultimatum to workers: wage cuts or ... The layoffs would be the first in the history of the Dallas-based airline. The airlines were handed $25 billion as part of the CARES Act bailout of major... —  read more 

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A big mess

Does anyone have any clue where the 20% percent over staffing is? It seems more you ask less any of the high leaders “know”. I’d love to know how they’ll be doing a massive layoff like this with a master seniority list. It’s going to be a mess. —  read more 

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Don't be naive!

Do you honestly think that if your pay gets cut it will ever go back to its original amount? Honestly? What ELT is trying to do now has nothing to do with preventing layoffs and everything to do with finding a way to cut pay of people who they can't... —  read more 


Close to 17,000 employees or about 28% of Southwest Airlines’ workforce has signed up for partially paid extended leaves of absence or outright buyouts, the company’s CEO, Gary Kelly, told employees Monday. Nearly 4,400 put their hands up for buyouts... —  read more 

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IT Layoffs

There are rumors about cutting people in the IT department - please note that we are very conservative when bringing people on board and that the headcount is flexible. We had a ton of contractors and most of them are gone by now, I'd say about 30%... —  read more 

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Gary's Surprised

OK, help me understand this. We knew since January that this thing is spreading expeonentially and that the Chinese had to shut down the entire state (Hubei) in order to stop it. They litterealy weleded people in their apartments. Now, it starts to... —  read more 

It's getting worse and worse

Flights are getting canceled left and right, those that are taking off are seeing fewer and fewer people on board... And there is no end in sight for this. Anybody who believes we'll get out of this with minimum casualties is living with their head... —  read more 

Customer is not always right!

Can I get laid off? Please? I'm really getting tired of having to pretend even the rudest and verbally abusive customers are right when they obviously are not! And I am definitely over being lectured by my manager in front of said customers if I... —  read more 

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