Topics regarding layoffs at United Airlines (United Continental Holdings Inc. - UAL Corp.)

Topics regarding layoffs at United Airlines (United Continental Holdings Inc. - UAL Corp.)

Scott Kirby needs to stay off TV

Scott Kirby is so cringe on TV. He clearly has an inferiority complex and will never admit the stock price is garbage. Will point to every other metric so demonstrate "we're the best" the at the end of the day the stock price talks and BS walks.

I'm not coming back

I am in contact with colleagues and I was surprised how many of them will not return on March 28. I thought I would be one of the few who won't come back but it looks like there will be a lot more of us who don't want to go back?

Total chaos

Even before the pandemic, the attitudes toward employees was bad. However, now only the most tolerant and those who can't find another job are still staying here. It is more stressful than ever because much more is required of employees now. Or at... —  read more 

Omicron Pay For FAs

So now Biden Airlines is paying the FA b-ms double pay. How do you S.O.Bs feel knowing nurses are not getting that. Does this mean that Scott can pay back the tax payers money?

Earnings just announced

Earnings report out and [shocker] it’s another losing quarter. Goods news is the losses were not as bad as expected. Why? Because of better business decisions? Nope!! Because of additional government handouts. Great job ya b ums!!!

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Hiring flight attendants

Do you think that UAL will have problems with hiring staff, as the work will be more demanding than before and staff will still be kept to a minimum. They are already talking about the challenges they will face because there are fewer flights... —  read more 

I got COVID because of UAL

I was told not to wear a face mask back in April 2020 and I long with at least 15 other supervisors got covid. To add insult to injury the garbage leadership took 20% of my weekly pay after the government passed the initial welfare package for... —  read more 

More layoffs are inevitable

Everybody should realize that. What's happening now is just a band aid solution. Until people are ready to travel again in droves, there is no permanent solution. We can't change the facts. People are staying home. Planes are mostly empty. I hate to... —  read more 

United VSL 2021 Details

United’s new Voluntary Separation Leave (VSL) Program is open to employees aged over 45 and with more than 15 years service with the airline. Although the program is not being described as an early out, employees who take up the offer will no longer... —  read more 

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The new buyout package

Who is accepting the new buyout package? I'll admit, as tempted as I might be, I'm still optimistic about things returning to normal sooner than we expect, especially with the coronavirus vaccine rollout. So i'll pass. It might not sound like the... —  read more 

More cost cuts to follow

Reading this news about consecutive quarterly losses made me sad. This is already the fourth straight quarterly loss and I am afraid there is no salvation. More and more cost cuts, while we wait for the recovery of the industry which may (very... —  read more 

Southwest -vs- United

Southwest in order to avoid layoffs asks employees to take a 10% pay reduction to avoid layoffs and return to full pay in 2022. Why doesn’t United do that or have Scott pay for pay roll instead of tax payers? Why should the American people pay... —  read more 

Southwest says that earlier this year, 16,900 employees – nearly 27% of its workforce — volunteered for cost-cutting programs Southwest says that earlier this year, 16,900 employees – nearly 27% of its workforce —... —  read more 

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