Topics regarding layoffs at JetBlue

Topics regarding layoffs at JetBlue

The staffing crisis

Considering that CEO said that the number of flights into and out of the New York area will be cut this summer due to a shortage of air traffic controllers, I wonder how much longer could these challenges airline industry faces... —  read more 

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No need to worry about layoffs

The way things have been going with the Spirit acquisition, it's more likely that it won't happen than that it will. We have no reason for layoffs at this point other than as part of an acquisition, so this is good news for all of us. I was never a... —  read more 

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Here we go again

More flights are being canceled due to Omicron, the number is now in thousands. I wonder how long before we start feeling the effects once again. I used to be optimistic but now I wonder if we'll ever go back to normal. Maybe it's time to change... —  read more 

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Why keep senior employees when one employee can be replaced by 2 to 3 contract workers? With no obligation to pay health benefits, 401K, or even flight benefits? It makes perfect business sense to me. And they don’t have a union to protect their... —  read more 

It's coming...

Dear Crewmembers, This week we are having a number of conversations with smaller BlueCities where we have made the difficult decision to transition to a full Business Partner model after October 1, 2020. We will be able to share additional details... —  read more 

How will this affect us?

Yes, we will get the bailout money but we will most likely have to cancel all domestic flights very soon, so I am no longer sure just how helpful any kind of bailout will be in that situation. Any ideas on what is going to happen from now on... —  read more 

Flight Ops/Inflight bloodbath

Looks like massive furloughs planned for Inflight and Flight Ops based on the revised training forecasts issued to Managers and above at JBU. Probably going to see a lot of support staff like analysts let go permanently from OSC and LSC again like... —  read more 

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Layoffs are coming

It seems like this virus is going to be very bad for JetBlue employees. Earlier this morning we received an email that was very clear of their intentions to cut down expenses. Good luck to everyone

Jb was always a joke

Jb was always a joke. I hated flying with them and i would not mind I'd they 100% go under. Nobody would notice, and the folks currently employed there would be freed to go and do something that actualy has sense and purpose...

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