Topics regarding layoffs at ELLIE MAE Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at ELLIE MAE Inc.

More layoffs???

More people were let go today—no idea how many. The loss of resources leads to more employees voluntarily leaving due to lack of support and remaining toxic management. This downward spiral has caused clients to cancel because they are no longer... —  read more 

10 pct cut

link below... Ellie Mae lays off 10% of its staff after recent acquisition BRAD FINKELSTEIN MAY 17, 2019 Mortgage technology company Ellie Mae, which was recently bought by private equity investor Thoma Bravo, underwent restructuring and reduced its... —  read more 

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What happens next?

To find out, do a search on Thoma Bravo and improvements in cash flow they are always after:

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Our customers deserve more

It was announced that Ellie Mae is being acquired by Thoma Bravo.... Now it's clear they butchered so many jobs so they could meet the financial requirements for the sale. Several people who were cut were on medical leave and I'm sure the company... —  read more 

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IT Layoffs

66 people across several disciplines, hardest hit was front line support, followed by ETS support tier II.

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Thank you, Ellie Mae

In my humble opinion, it takes more energy to be negative. Nothing, good or bad, lasts forever. I am proud of my contributions to Ellie Mae and bow out gracefully. I will take the experience and knowledge I learned at Ellie Mae and run with it. I am... —  read more 

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