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Sears on urbandictionary

1 The store that is hoping for a come back. But will not. They are too far gone. And how are they not bankrupt yet. Because they should be.

Sears the dead store.


2 A store that people think of as a place where they can get stuff for free. Thus, they complain like spoiled brats and try to cheat the store whenever possible, and when they are caught cheating and/or stealing, they scream and yell like 3-year-olds and treat the people working their like sh--.

I broke my fridge by drilling holes in it! I want Sears to replace it, even though I have no warranty!

A--hole: What do you mean, under warranty? It's a Craftsman, they're guranteed for life!

Associate: Only hand tools are guranteed like that. Power Tools have moving parts, so they are only covered for a year. If you weren't a f---ing mo--n, you'd have read the side of the box where it says so.

3 sears- a place where no upper managment gives a c-ap about there fellow assioates. Thay pass you over for promotion over and over agin even know you deserve it and that could care less this is bs. thay make stupid look smart.

im a more one sears

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Good one

You've got a read this, it's from the CSC layoff board. Went there out of habit, I suppose. And I'm glad I did. Hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing for a half an hour.


*CSC... #RIP


*At least the layoffs at CSC have finally stopped forever ;-)