Topics regarding layoffs at LSC Communications

Topics regarding layoffs at LSC Communications

Time to leave

Zero reasons to stay with everything that's been going on lately. I'm sick and tired of backstabbing and people only looking out for themselves. What is wrong with you people? It's supposed to be us against the management, not us against each other!... — read more 

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LSC has changed so much

From a great place of work I was quick to recommend to anybody searching for a new job to a horrible place with a toxic work environment and no job security. These days if somebody asks me about the company, I tell them to look for anything else and... — read more 

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What is going on?!?!?!

I am hearing about layoffs left and right but nobody seems able to provide any concrete details. Why is there no info here? There has to be somebody who knows what's going on and what's coming, can you please share with the rest of us? This constant... — read more 

Death to lsc

Thanks to all of the lazy mangers at national publishing company, dead lsc for screwing all the workers . Especially the joke of management in press room and the a– in the shop, wish all of you to go to hell with your families. The biggest a– was... — read more 

Chapter 11

I am so happy everything backed fired in your face , taking jobs from great people I hope you all lose your house and go belly up. Screw lsc !!!!!

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Twenty two people were blindsided last week as they were called into HR, and fired, at the Cranbury, N.J. location. These included not only management, but leads, and warehouse personel as well. Not a hint of this was coming. Some had upwards of 27... — read more 

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National publishing company in Philadelphia is closing up. LSC owns this company .They have been hear for over 160 years making bibles.

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LSC Plants

The ONLY way I see the sale being approved is if the distribution platform of LSC is excluded. Combining Quad's and LSC's mailing capabilities would give Quad a stranglehold on how printers get their magazines and catalogs mailed and what they have... — read more 

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370 jobs lost in Lynchburg

Source below. Large cut. Warn filed with the state of VA. Company: LSC Communications - 191 North Wacker Drive - Chicago , IL 60606 Notice Date: 01/22/2019 - - Impact Date: 03/25/2019 - - Employees Affected: 369 - - Location: Lynchburg, VA - -... — read more 

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