Topics regarding layoffs at Zenefits

Topics regarding layoffs at Zenefits

Media Coverage Tech jobs have been lost all over the country, and across a variety of sectors. And, one obvious area... —  read more 

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2017 Job Cuts Updates on Zenefits

Are the cuts still going on @ Zenefits... A few questions: how big are the cuts what locations are affected what levels are affected by layoffs is there a hiring freeze what about 2018 plans any plans to hire Post answers if you have any info —  read more 

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David's layoff email

All -- When I became CEO of Zenefits, I promised on Day 1 to reset our culture, refocus our strategy on serving small businesses, and create a new beginning for success in the future. Today I have to make a very difficult set of decisions about how... —  read more 

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Just lay me off

Let me start by saying I loved my manager and my team was awesome! Every single team member rocked! But… When I signed up, they promised me a ton of things – if I sell well, there will be a great comp, work-life balance, milk and honey. Unlimited... —  read more 

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