Topics regarding layoffs at Air Canada

Topics regarding layoffs at Air Canada

Things are getting worse

I am concerned right now, I am the only employeed family member and there are three of us - right now I just wish all of this virus hoopla is done soon - I doubt but I do hope. Good luck all.

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Airline staff means

Low wages, poor working conditions, management and supervisor make you feel like you are on folks at airport surrender your rights and charter the moment you step in airport...I hope after this whole aviation... —  read more 

I hope I get laid off

Working at Air Canada means you can kiss work/life balance goodby. Honestly, the amount of overtime I'm expected to put in every month is ridiculous. As if it's not enough that we miss most holidays and personal days as it is. No, we have to have our... —  read more 

Get out of IT while you can

new CIO hates IT, will pimp everyone in IT out of a job. starts with cracking the door open for third party to support new initiatives, but flood gates will open and come with "bumps in the road". If you are in IT, get out now or suffer for years to... —  read more 

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