Topics regarding layoffs at GoDaddy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at GoDaddy Inc.

I'm hoping for layoffs

This was never the best place to work but it wasn't as bad as it is now either. I don't want to just quit amid all the tech layoffs, but if they decide to get rid of me and give me severance, I will not complain. This is not the same company I... —  read more 


It's already happening. Lots of care and services budget cuts. Teams getting cut in half and positions outsourced.

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Godaddy had layoffs yesterday which included me. No warning given and the odd thing is the company is doing well and they are still having RIF’s. Pretty poor severance package (2 weeks)

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Management layoffs

GoDaddy just laid off 10 managers and have severance package of 2 months and 2 weeks for each year worked. They also did numerous terminations before the layoffs for reasons people never got fired before in the past.

No warning

Got to work and was told 3ed shift having layoff unless you have been there at least 2 years. Third shift covers Go Daddy clients in Europe and they have opened up call centers over there. All Go Daddy cares about is sales numbers even if you're not... —  read more 

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