Topics regarding layoffs at Keurig Dr Pepper

Topics regarding layoffs at Keurig Dr Pepper

Vermont 100 Jobs Lost

Here is a quick PR stunt for all of you who keep saying that there will be no layoffs in Vermont. How do you like them cakes now - 100+ cut and even more coming... WATERBURY, Vt. (WCAX) More than 100 Vermonters will lose their jobs at Keurig Dr... —  read more 

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100 Were Laid off in Plano

Layoffs are happening through the country and somehow they are avoiding to file WARN notices (I haven't seen any posted)... Not sure what's going on, but that's all what I know so far...

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What else was hit?

We know about thirty people were laid off in Essex yesterday, but from little media coverage there is, it's obvious at least as many were also shown the door in other locations. Do we know where? And is this all or can we expect more of similar... —  read more 

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