Topics regarding layoffs at Newell Brands

Topics regarding layoffs at Newell Brands

Mogadore Layoffs

I was let go in 2018, I think there are posts on that round of layoffs at Mogadore. I hear things are not that well right now, so things may be changing. But, if they start or continue this China Tariff stuff there may be more manufacturing jobs in... — read more 

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Transparency is an issue

One of the things that are blatantly obvious to anybody working at Newell is the lack of transparency throughout the company. Communication is always lacking, with pertinent information conveniently withheld. You will eventually get the required... — read more 

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Act like the adults you are!

Newell had one of the worst cultures I’ve ever experienced. Between the he said/she said atmosphere and heard it through the grapevine communication -it’s almost like being back in high school. Promotions seem to be based on a ‘that’s my boy’... — read more 

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2017-2018 layoffs

Sharpie land laid off all of their temps. A lot of full time employees have left. The plant is a ghost town and they keep telling them everything is ok, meanwhile they have no work, production isn’t running, nobody has anything to do. Supervisers sit... — read more 

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Decor Line

I recently moved back to the High Point NC area where I used to work for Levolor, saw the location on Premier Drive with the call center in it relabeled Newell Rubbermaid only and found out since from a coworker I am Facebook friends with that the... — read more 

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2015: 50% gone

As part of the HQ move (noted in the press recently), they will eliminate nearly FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of domiciled positions. IT and Finance will be a bloodbath. Director-led teams will shrink from 40 to 20.

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