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Major layoffs on 8/31?

Bloodbath coming by 8/31. MGM needs to shrink down to abut 1/4 of the workforce remaining. Companies need to get really lean, really fast to survive the next 8-12 months of very low revenue. If your job does not directly generate revenue in the... —  read more 

A more realistic scenario...

If you think you are going back to work on April 1st - please rethink your position Let's be realistic - here are some facts: It took China about 8 weeks to clean up Wuhan, reopenings started about 11 into it we are not as organized as... —  read more 

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Temporary Layoff

I have been a team member in Detroit for 13 years and held multiple technical bob positions. The company has been very good to me and my family. When it comes time to need personal time for family whether it be 1 day or weeks due to the need to care... —  read more 

Jim's MGM Layoff Email

Source below... May 30, 2019 Dear Colleagues, I want to begin this note by thanking so many of you for your patience, support and focus over the last several months. Redesigning an organization to achieve transformational change is difficult; I have... —  read more 

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Severance Payment (MGM)

Here is what Channel 13 was reporting: Impacted employees will also receive a two week non-working notice period during which health care and other benefits remain intact, and two weeks of severance for every year of service (up to 26 weeks for... —  read more 

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Layoffs on Friday?

MGM will call in their Security to the HR Office at 12:30pm to prepare for the Cutoffs for extra security. Friday After 13:00 Cut-Offs will begin. Pick Pocket Tim IS there any truth to this or is this somebody trolling people when they are most... —  read more 

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750 more cuts expected

About 750 more cuts are expected over the 23rd and 24th of May. No specifics regarding the impacted areas of business are known. Details to follow as they trickle out.

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Muran needs to go!

Muran makes was too much $$. Terry Lanny is rolling over in his grave. I worked there and got forced out. I hope all those people get let go.

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Ruthless, Heartless Company

Was let go after 18 years with company. Position eliminated. All they said was "we are not prepared to offer you another position at this time." No assistance with placement. Would to apply and interview like everyone else for another job. No... —  read more 

MGM Resorts layoffs update

Does anyone have info about the number of people laid off from the beginning of this year? In total or by location? I used to work here long time ago and was considering coming back, but a former colleague told me there were some job cuts, but... —  read more 

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Layoffs always sound bad, but if it's a means to make the math more appealing to shareholders, most employees will hardly notice

Despite the increased global competition, October 2017 and the PR mishandling, MGM had a good year. An announcement of a pending layoff came as a surprise to many, but not to stock analysts who were quick to point out that a profitable company... —  read more 

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