Topics regarding layoffs at Spectra Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Spectra Energy Corp.

Hey IT - the OUTSOURCING contract has been signed with TCA - confirmed by an Enridge FTE in internal email URL below

TCA or--- Tata Consultancy Services has inked the deal to outsource IT. I don't think anyone in US HR vetted the firm TATA to well. Maybe in the singular form it's okay. Welcome to Day 1. ( copy and paste the URL to... — read more 

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Houston office question

Since we in Houston all know that enbridge is becoming spectra, rather than vice versa, could you guys give us some idea about what the culture is like? Are managers clock watchers? Micro managers? Etc? Including your group would be helpful for... — read more 

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Feb. 22 marks the 149th anniversary of the publication of Karl Marx book Communication Manifesto (he lived with him in-laws in their basement

I'm not agreeing with Marx and believe that communism barely works in theory - Venezuela as an example and the wonderful vintage cars driving around in Cuba still - that said - there is one salient point that Marx and Engels brought out from an... — read more 

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Office Space

In a nutshell, this is what they will telling everyone this Monday (1/30) regarding office space (Upon close of the transaction, the business unit center for our combined gas business (excluding gas distribution) will be located in Houston in the... — read more 

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