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June 2020 layoffs

Workers Compensation Department is laying off people. Last day is June 4, 2020.


I’ve been hearing rumors from a few people that another lay off might be coming in September. Has anyone heard this or is this just possibly a game of telephone? I do know that most of the IT people who were required to stay to train will be leaving... —  read more 

Signing additional clauses to get severance

Can confirm the details. We were given a severance package with approximately 6 week's worth of wages, but in order to get it (we're set to get it at Sept 1), we're required to sign a document outlining the terms of the severance, and some other... —  read more 

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AT laid off over 300 people last week

I spoke to someone in the AEC today, because I was laid off last week. They said they are processing the over 300 people laid off last week, so it's taking a while to send out confirmations that they received your paperwork. Just talked to a friend... —  read more 

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Any news on more layoffs today?

Is AmTrust done for now with layoffs? Was yesterday it? Or is more coming our way this or next week? I'll admit I was caught by surprise with this latest round, so if more are coming, I'd like to be a bit more prepared mentally. I'd appreciate any... —  read more 

More LayOffs

AmTrust is still laying people off. Makes you wonder if they are in financial trouble. I'm surprised this isn't in the media.

Manager/Supervisor wipeout

At least 20-40 people, mostly managers and supervisors, were laid off last week as part of what was called a restructuring and removing layers. Most were there at least 8 years if not more and told their position was being eliminated. Some of the... —  read more 

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AFSI Stock Rumors

What do you guys expect to happen to the stock? I do not want any insider information, I just want to see what this board thinks about it.

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Sherman Oaks - 60 Laid Off (Feb 2018)

Amtrust let go about 60 employees at their Sherman Oaks CA location on Friday 2/2. This particular Amtrust company looks like it will be closing it’s doors soon due to its recently severed ties with AMT’s insurance administrator. There is not much... —  read more 

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Dallas Republic Group amtrust layoffs

Please share any updates you may have. I am specifically interested in 2018 and beyond. I've seen some post with historical info, that's good as well. I wish you all good luck.

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The package was weak

I was impacted by the lay off. Human Resources and Ariel the IT VP was cruel in the delivery of the layoff. On Wednesday those that were impact received an meeting invite without a name in the subject in the title (no agenda) and all those impacted... —  read more 

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Pleading ignorance to the law is not a defense. They played dumb and profited from not reporting losses therefore skewing the profit numbers. Knowing as soon as reports were made public, top executives sold hefty portions of stock while it was still... —  read more 

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