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Can refer to each other by using post IDs, like this @11cQ7Die-axe or this @axe .
Also, this site supports text #formatting using #markdown protocol. This is how it works:

Quote/indent: To make a quote, begin a line with “greater than sign” ( > )

Bullets: To create a bullet, begin a line with a dash ( - ) or asterisk ( * )

Bold/italic: Start and finish a string with an asterisk ( * ) to make it bold - two asterisks to make it italic.

Tickmark/code-block: ( ` ) at the beginning and end of word or a string will turn it into a 'code-block'.

@1mvi, you can quote something by adding greather-than symbol ( > ) at the beginning of a line you wanna quote.

You can reference to someone’s post by adding @ before Post ID, like previous poster and I did (first few characters represent the thread ID, last three are for the post within a thread, so @1mvi works within this thread only, and @Vq4qioA-1mvi works here and on other threads as well).

You can also do some other formatting - bold, italic, bullets and numbering also work.

Can check how by visiting posts in these hashtags #formatting #text #markdown