Topics regarding layoffs at Peloton

Topics regarding layoffs at Peloton

It's not just us

People are being laid off left and right in our industry. Just look at GoodLife Fitness, they got rid of nearly 500 employees. That's what worries me. So many companies laying off means that not many are hiring right now, which is not good news for... —  read more 

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No sale is a good thing

I know some are disappointed that the new CEO is saying a sale is unlikely, but trust me, we dodged a bullet here! I think we'd have lost another 2-3k employees before it was all said and done (that's in addition to the current 2.8k). I'm going to... —  read more 

Things will not get better

Don't expect things to magically turn for the better. If you're smart, you'll start looking for a new job right now. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's going to be ten times easier for you to find a new job while you already have one. There's... —  read more 

Next job will be better...

Hey guys, if you are good, you will find a nice job in a heartbeat. Don't feel bad. This was just a job and nothing more. Look for the next one, get your package and stock and start next chapter. It will be good.

Potential Peloton suitors Amazon Nike Apple Disney Sony I’m not sure that any of these companies could have an interest in a potential acquisition. Thoughts? —  read more 

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JF stepping down

It's good to see that we're not the only ones who are paying for what's been going on in the company. For once, somebody at the top is being held accountable. These have been hard weeks and there will be many more to come but at least this gives me... —  read more 

Yes, please!

Apple could be looking into acquiring Peloton to broaden its fitness initiatives Apple has been putting an emphasis on health care with its products, and now, according to AppleInsider, the company may be looking to further broaden the health... —  read more 


I will be putting in my notice, it makes no sense to stick around anymore. The whole thing has been handled poorly and we have been lied to, big time. I am sure many will do the same, the shock and disappointment is palpable. Nothing else to add…

Who will do the work?

With a hiring freeze in place and now the layoffs, I'm wondering who they think will do all the work that needs to be done? We were understaffed at my team before the latest cuts, now it's even worse. There is only so much we can take as they keep... —  read more 

You'll be okay

I left Peloton a year ago when I realized it was morphing into the type of company I had no intention of working for - the one where greed trumps everything else. When I heard about the layoffs, I knew I was right to walk away when I did. But here's... —  read more 

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Most likely outcome for Peloton... It gets bought by private equity, which has been doing "wellness & fitness" for decades. Then it goes broke. And gets sold to another private equity firm. Then it gets sold to another private equity firm.

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