Topics regarding layoffs at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc

Topics regarding layoffs at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc

Here comes another round!

The Global Tool Solutions group began a round of layoffs on 1/26/22 and Engineered Fastening group began layoffs on 1/27/22. This appears to be affecting Manager and Director level individuals also based on the “Johnny no longer works with SBD” auto... —  read more 

3 months countdown

Here we go. I don’t know how well I can prepare myself for the closing of the Gorham plant in March, but I'll do my best. I’ve started throwing out job applications today hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Hopefully I can find... —  read more 

I just got laid off

I just got laid off today (7/30/2020). They said it was because the companies anticipate a covid creating a worse financial situation, so the company has to take more drastic cost cutting measures. I was told today, that my last day is today. I... —  read more 

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Will we ever get a decent raise?

'm sure everybody will agree that it’s getting harder and harder to live our paychecks, as we haven't had a decent raise in years. The management doesn’t have a problem loading us up with extra work, making us work long hours or without being able to... —  read more 

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