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Inflation is NOT 10%, at least not here in the US Midwest , from 2021 to 2022 its only 6% https://www.aier.org/cost-of-living-calculator/

Your not getting a COST of living increase and you will be lucky to see a merit one as well. better chance to win the MEGA Millions US lottery


The Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held on August 17, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time and will be a virtual meeting conducted via live webcast. Attend the meeting online and submit your questions during the meeting by visiting: www.virtualshareholdermeeting.com/DXC2021.

There will be some really bad press if employee's are not treated fairly by August 17, DXC values will mean nothing if something isnt done by then #ISEEDXC

It's June 23 rd and no people were forced out of the company! There will be no lay offs till after the July Stock holders meeting, when Mike the shouter gets named chairman of the board, but then WATCH OUT as heads will roll.


Michael J. Salvino

Of this total $1,250,000 was received as a salary, $5,000,000 was received as a bonus, s, $15,311,312 was awarded as stock and $171,808 came from other types of compensation. This information is according to proxy statements filed for the 2021 fiscal year.

#MichaelJSalvinosucks #ISeeDXC

$21,733,120 Total Compensation
But their is no money for the people who actually do work!

Since I haven't had an increase in 8 years I, am doing almost nothing and still getting a salary, paid vacations away from DXC, sick time, Health Insurance and I don't feel guilty one bit. If HR head can get 5 million and they can hire a new board member I say Duck (replace the D with an F) DXC


Yes how can a company not a budget for this fiscal year for raises and have that information passed down to directors of the different area's? At review time we should be given a rating and a $$$ amount.

Having only 3 ratings on scale, the lowest one means you are fired or put on a 60 day probationary period.

The next rating means your doing everything you can and is basically meaning nothing because everyone should be doing it that is not on the lower one.

The highest rating means you have a VERY poor manager because he doesn't know what to except of his employee or that the goals are so easy to obtain.

#ISEEDXC #MikeSSucks

DXC doesn't have "Offerings " anymore, they have a list of products that they think they can support.

The customers and accounts run amuck and do almost anything they want.

The days of CSC leading the customers to best in class products and services is long gone.

Capabilities these days can't be an expert or even knowledgeable in the products they support because there are so many products and vendors on the list. No more repeatable installs , because of all the mix and match.

The end is near. #ISeeDXC #MikeSSUCKS

Temptation of hanging on for a package in the USA is maximum of 8 weeks pay, so not much chance for that. What types of packages are provided elsewhere ?

I stay because I have almost nothing to do and I am beginning to LOVE that. Do nothing, get vacation time , Health benefits, 401K match up to 6% and retirement in about 3 years. Couldn't ask for a better position.

Do I feel guilty, no not at all. I put in my 70- 80 hour weeks in the past, I don't get stock options , bouns and a huge salary like streak cutter 2 or the other board members, the board added a new member instead of just assigning the role to a paid non-NEO person

#ISeeDXC #DXCMikeSSucks

Shade0103 months ago
It is a spin off of HP an exists solely for the purpose of giving Big Sal the CEO and his hand picked cronies enormous salaries and benefits. Otherwise it is a #$%$ outsourcing company with no direction, no growth and no leadership. Motto should be, #$%$ the employees?
#ISeeDXC. #DXCSucks

The only way to turnaround the disgruntled DXC workers is to provide an across the board payrise to everyone, but Sal won't do that because the shareholders will wake up and scream that their dividend payments are being cut. Better option is for top management to receive a pay rise for all their lack of productivity and to look after their own back pocket. #ISeeDXC

So many volunteers waiting to be laid off, but so few chances of that occurring. The best option is for p!ssed off customers changing to a different supplier other than DXC which will most likely result in lay offs if there is no opportunity for redeployments.

If in teh next 30 days I don't receive a 5% pay increase for my productivity improvements for the last 12 months then my work output will be 5% slower. Time to get tough on management who just don't give a toss for hardworking employees. #ISeeDXC

merit based program , don't we already have that with our review process? What about raises NOW, CSC / DXC had years of reviews. Look at the last midyear and the previous year and base pay raises on that performance!

No carrot in front of our noses for Fiscal year 2021 , thats BULL

#ISeeDXC in the tank

When was the last time your functional manager talked to you?

We all had our people manager give us a mid-year reviews, but what about your functional manager? When was the last time they met with you or the team to talk about policy, direction, issues or questions that have been submitted?

For me it's been almost a year and when he/she talked they really didn't say anything useful. Sick of this two-in-box management style. Fire 1/2 the managers and have your functional/people manager be the same person.


Jo Mason (Steak cutter) Mid Year review

What a crock of sh*t. Mid-year, end of year is all a waste of my time, my colleagues time, my managers time , their managers time. Give US pay raises NOW or forgert all this time wasted processes.

#ISeeDXC fail

Employees are responsible for managing their own careers. Rotations and promotions remain discretionary and subject to availability, business needs and individual situations. Development plan information provided by the employee to DXC Technology is encouraged but voluntary; DXC Technology management and HR may use the development plan information in the context of other talent processes and decisions such as leadership development programs, succession plans, career and talent moves.

DIGITAL is Bull also. Computers have been digital for decades. Digital Transformation is using modern computers to solve business problems, the same thing we've been doing since I entered Data Processing in the 1970's . In those days we had System Analysts performing Process improvement analysis and integrating computers to help. SAME dam thing!

#ISeeDXC and it's bull c-ap

New Clown #ISeeDXC https://csc.gcs-web.com/node/17096/html

• An annual base salary of $1,250,000 (subject to adjustment).
• An annual bonus eligibility with a target amount of 200% of base salary and a maximum amount of 400% of base salary.
• Equity awards each fiscal year with an aggregate value equal to 800% of base salary with termination-related vesting provisions consistent with those in DXC’s current award agreements, and with certain post-termination forfeiture conditions limited to one year instead of two years.

When will the hard working employee's start seeing annual bonus and pay raises, it's been over 5 years since we have seen anything in the US. #ISeeDXC