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Baby Boomers

All baby boomers, how do you feel about GM and everything that's going on currently? I understand how my fellow millennials feel. I also know that after a little time here we jump off to better opportunities and seem to find these easily. Let's try and keep it civil here.

Thanks OP, this thread is pure #GOLD

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MetLife Millennials

Shame at 200 Park, where there are #millennials who stroll in whenever, socialize all day, leave early and then get promoted. Adding zero value, while hard workers are being let go. Very painful to see this.

Management needs to seriously do a better job of weeding out the lazy and unproductive or at the very least, hold them accountable.

I am just going to tag this... Cannot add any other value to this discussion.

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Toys R Us blames millennial for not having kids as part of their demise.

Yet another company not being accountable for their failures. Glad the guy who started the company died the day before their demise was announced. Probably died of a very wealthy broken heart.

So what's Mattel's excuse? When is the chapter 11 filing? They need to do something to make those golden parachutes ineffective so those meatheads at the top leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a box of crap from their desk.

No one deserves a trophy/parachute for failure.