Topics regarding layoffs at Genentech Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Genentech Inc.

Broken promises

This company seems to have big problems fulfilling its promises. I see around me colleagues who work hard for the company, give more than 100 percent of themselves for the company’s goals because they still believe that it will ultimately mean... —  read more 

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leadership with zero experience

i really wish this company would understand that if somebody is a good technical person they will not automatically make a good manager... people who are placed in leadership positions usually have absolutely no experience leading... so instead of... —  read more 

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Management lottery

It seems that depending on your luck, you can either end up with an amazing management team when you start working at Genetech or you can walk into an already established bad situation with managers who are determined to micro-manage every move you... —  read more 

Exodus of talented people

Anybody else noticed how many talented people have decided to leave Genentech lately? Our turnover is higher than ever... I can understand them, way too much infighting and backstabbing going on here lately... It's one thing to foster... —  read more 

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