Topics regarding layoffs at International Game Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at International Game Technology

Mid Year Review

It’s been some time since the last post. How is IGT doing these days? Solid company? Will they hire back recently layed off employees? Make it mandatory to return to the office. Anyone have information?

A good transformation is necessary

I love this company, I used to love working here and I have great memories of this place. However, I had to look for something new because I don't like the way this company is being run now. My opinion is that changes are necessary, that it is... —  read more 

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Now I am worried

The talent that I have seen leave in the last couple of years has been impactful but the people I saw leave this week are literally irreplaceable. I'm hitting the job trail Monday morning. Good grief.


Last night, I had the weirdest dream. I was young and back at IGT. All of engineering was back. It was cash-sharing day...the BBQ...everyone was happy. I miss those days I guess.

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Will IGT ever bounce back?

It’s a shame that right when yo think this company is bouncing back, they continue cutting people. I think the only people left are a few in Rhode Island that IGT has to keep in order to get the tax breaks that were offered in exchange for a... —  read more 


It's hard to believe that we are heading into our eleventh month since the initial request to work from home and then the furlough and then layoffs for many of our peers. Do you think IGT will start reopening the building? Do you think the worst... —  read more 

January 2021

Diego here again. It’s been a wild ride over the last few months. Where do we stand going forward? Will IGT recall some people furloughed/layed off? Will they eliminate more positions? Will the cafeterias reopen again? Where is the direction of IGT... —  read more 

Could it have been better?

I was hoping for salvation, but this seems increasingly hopeless. There is no end to dismissals. The situation is bad not only in this company but in the whole industry. I wonder if it’s all about the way the company is managed during crisis or some... —  read more 

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Well we made it to December. I’ll kick things off. How does IGT fare for this month? Do you think we will get cut or perhaps will we receive a bonus? Let’s kick off the comments below.

October ?

Going into October now. How are things looking? In particular, will the Las Vegas, NV campus reopen? I’m concerned about the fate of Las Vegas. Anybody have information?

Some good advice

When a company lays you off, it has been my observation that you, as an ex-employee of XYZ Corporation are far better off for it. They don't lay off people unless they are suffering. But - getting fired for non-performance is on you. That too isn't... —  read more 

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Earnings for SGMS on 21 Feb

Hold on to your bums Dearest, the 21 February earnings call at SGMS will be most interesting. It's make or break time; albeit, outside analysts are expecting a decline in earnings, making SGMS at minimum, in near coma. That is until they shed a large... —  read more 

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