Topics regarding layoffs at 7-Eleven, Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at 7-Eleven, Inc.

What’s going on

Looks like something is going on with the latest board meetings, value act involvement and multiple high level departures. Wonder if anyone has any leads

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7-Eleven, you could do better!

Got a text over the weekend from a recruiter to see if I want to come back as an SLC- Store Leader Coach at 30k less than what I made as a FC. Really??? You laid us off due to "restructuring" and can't even match what we made as FCs??? Come on Joe--... —  read more 

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That's crazy

First of all, I think that a good management would try to find another solution. But it seems that this management is not even trying to find another solution besides cuts. What's even more problematic is that so many outstanding performers have... —  read more 

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It wasn’t unfair

The company does have opportunities especially at senior leadership level (like a new CEO and new executives who has the capability and skills to run a company in the 21st century). But we live in a capitalistic society enjoying its varied benefits... —  read more 

To Leadership:

Still employed, real feedback… As someone who sat through countless hours with BCG during integration, the amount of trust 7-11 put into a 3rd party consultant was scary from the start. Decisions were made too fast to capture synergy, which is the... —  read more 

Moving Beyond 7-Eleven

As someone who quit working for the company just over a year ago, let me just offer these words of encouragement: you will land somewhere better. Working at 7-Eleven teaches you how to be tough and to have a thick skin… wherever you land you will... —  read more 

A useful read

4 ways to overcome the stigma of layoffs and find a new job in today's economy

HAHA! Oh, the irony!

Anyone find it ironic that the new required monthly Compass Training course is on: “Empathy”?! What a freaking joke! I just can’t… lol Time for a mass exodus of Area Leaders

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This is one big lesson!

I'm still safe, but these cuts are a big lesson to me that one should always, absolutely always look for better options. Top dogs did not show the slightest empathy towards the affected ones, which was to be expected because they only care about... —  read more 

Where’s Joe been?

Imagine that he was your commanding officer sending you out to be slaughtered but he gives that order while hiding and never showing his face. So much for touting his military leadership skills and West Point degree.

I am very frustrated

I pretty much knew that something bad was brewing and luckily, I was preparing in case it came to this. Somehow I had a feeling that there would be cuts. However, when I now recall how much the boss assured us that everything would be fine, I can't... —  read more 

I'm still in shock

I don't understand why it's hitting me this hard but after 12 years and being discarded so unceremoniously, I still feel like cr-p days later. It bugs me that those who make these decisions don't give a damn about how it affects those who are on the... —  read more 

Layoffs are in 711's DNA

Hi All - I am really sorry about layoffs and I hope that all affected will find job replacements very soon. I've spent 33 years working for 711 and I've seen many layoffs. I've retired about ten years ago and I can tell you that layoffs are built... —  read more 

Best alternatives

Where are people applying? I'm worried that with layoffs all around, no matter where I apply I might find myself without a job once again within months. Are there any good alternatives that provide at least some job security, especially in the... —  read more 

It'll get better

I was laid off from another company before and I can tell you that while it might not seem so right now, things will get better. The job market is still hot. There are openings all over the place for decent pay. I'm guaranteeing you the majority will... —  read more 

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