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Getting rid of talent and problem solvers

As one of the posters said, there is no blood left to bleed at GF. What we have here are preparatory steps to liquidate the business. They already got rid of their top engineering talent and problem solvers due higher pay, next will be sell off of... read more

AMD announced first 7nm CPU and GPUs

Yet, "our customers said they had no interest in 7nm"... There is a reason TSMC invested in 7nm development. Their financial experts clearly see something different than GFs. Anyone else believe 7nm won't be relevant and it was a good idea to can the... read more

There is no future here

Has anybody noticed that we have completely given up on research and development? When's the last time something truly new and inventive come out from this place? One of the reasons is managers who are supposed to be technical leaders but they have... read more

Night shift section managers

What do they do? I see a lot of nothing going on at night. Maybe the higher ups should just bring the hammer down on the slackers here on nights, clearly we can afford layoffs with the movie watching and book reading going on!

Do yourself and others a solid

When leaving global do yourself and others a solid please. The management at globalfailure/IBM Junior is the worst I have ever seen in my life. The cancer that is IBM and Gluten Free needs to die here to never be seen again. Is it possible for... read more

IBM picking up GF engineers

IBM at CNSE is picking up a bunch of ex-GF engineers. Have not heard any numbers. They failed here so you have to wonder when they will fail there.

Injustice and chaos

As a long-term employee of GF ( more than 5 years), I have to say that it has become a place where management is too distant from the workers, and a place with a fair amount of injustice. Lately, the turnover rate has become ridiculously high, and... read more

GF is pivoting

Looks like the layoff was a critical component in a brand new grand strategy to pivot toward differentiation. GF has announced a pivot to IoT applications, which they expect to execute on now that they have gotten rid of their experienced technical... read more

GlobalFoundries hires Janitors as techs!

GlobalFoundries hires janitors as techs. A few years back, GlobalFoundries actually hired two janitors. One janitor couldn’t pass the background check. He came from Cuba NM, fired from Intel, with rap sheet of drunk driving, domestic violence and... read more
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GlobalFoundries is one big lie...

GlobalFoundries is going to be sold. If you’re an adult with even a few years semiconductor experience, you know the signs. GF has every symptom. When all those foreign workers start leaving town (yes, GlobalFoundries lies about the high volume of... read more
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Are we safe until February?

I've seen February mentioned as next layoffs month several times. While I'm not happy about that, that is still a good several months away. Does that mean we are safe until then and we can stop stressing at least for those few months? At this point... read more

It’s all about cutting the costs

GF is not about growing the business. It is about capital extraction from Mubadala and infinitum (although Mubadala has caught on finally) and handing out leadership positions to the IBMers with fat bonus targets. The layoffs targeted experienced... read more
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Current Hiring

It's to bring in cheap meat. Back in August, there was a group that worked with both 7 and 14. They had a new hire starting the day before the layoffs, so the whole team thought they were safe. Hell, why bring in someone new if you are going to dump... read more
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GF hiring?

If there is this supposed lay-off in Nov/Feb, why have I seen so many openings pop up in Malta over the last 3 weeks or so? Seems they are hiring not firing!!

February confirmed?

Is the next round of layoffs in February confirmed for the malta branch? If anyone has some information please share..

Gofundme page

Any of the buyers interested in buying GF would not be willing to buy at the ask price of ATIC so let’s create a gofundme page to meet the difference between the buyers price and ATICs ask price and get few point percentage stake in GF


I believe my manager is allowing people to sc-ap wafers and wants to crash this ship. No accountability. If I cost the company more than my annual salary I would hope I was fired. It’s disheartening to say the least. Back to trying to do my best I... read more
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GlobalFouderies withdraws from the 7nm market

Just read a very good article covering not just 7nm withdrawal, but giving an insightful picture of where GF is heading in the future. Maybe it was the right decision not to pursue the production of 7nm chips, keeping in mind that the development of... read more

Ethics and Code of Conduct

While the whole of GF is busy taking ethics and code of conduct training, to hell with says CTO. 7nm program is on indefinite hold, EUV tools were bought or sc-aped or are on sale. Rumor mill said that the CTO, who is a self-proclaimed American... read more


New round or two is coming to bring Malta headcount to 1600 as ordered by McKinsey.

What are they thinking?

With most of the old-timers laid off, do they really think they can run this company with only millennials? Half of who don't even plan on staying longer than a year or two as it is? What kind of business strategy is that? Get rid of all the... read more

UMC interested in GF?

This is post from Sept. 14, 2018 Interesting to note that this could make UMC nearly twice its current size, if they buy GF as a whole.

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