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Chief of Staff

These 3 words are all you need to know about how people move ahead at GF

Why are you staying / lovin it ?

Im staying because this is a great company to work for. Too many pluses to list so lets hear from others why youre staying and loving the global lifestyle here in beautiful upstate ny.

The self-serving nature of the people

Worked there 5 and 1/3 years. Left a year ago and am not aurprised by all the changes. Uses to witness gross neglect of wafer contamination. No one would ever own just how dirty the processes were in Fab 8. We would see contamination incoming on... read more

GF is just the latest in a long line

Freescale Integrated Silicon Solution Altera Atmel Broadcom EZchip Semiconductor Hutchinson Mattson Omnivision PMC-Sierra KLA-Tencor Fairchild SanDisk and that's just in the last couple of years. Nearly 100 companies have closed fabs in the last 10... read more

Cobra Insurance

Layoff was in June ( EF) , received the severance in August. Just received the Cobra Insurance info., We have to pay Global for the Ins ( Health and Dental, 1,360 a month for the 2 of Us. They should have just kept the severance pay.( glad We kept it... read more

End of year surge due to the purge

Due to the recent purges (layoffs) there is a steady end of year surge (quitting). Expect your inbox to fill with goodbye messages and comments like “connect on LinkedIn”. Once we get settled expect recruitment. It gets lonely in new places, the... read more

Attrition is Too High to Layoff

From what I understand, the attrition rate at Malta is 18% in the fab alone. I believe the exodus has begun and with the fact that virtually no one ever returns to GF after leaving, laying people off is no longer a viable solution (unless done so en... read more

Back to the Future?

Here's an interesting article from EE Times from 2012 - seems almost appropriate for what we have experienced over the past 6-9 months. read more

Any word on Monday?

Any more word on any action happening on Monday? There was one post here but never seemed to be a follow up. Then I heard some people talking about it on Friday but they are big talkers and seem to be right more times than not but they've been wrong... read more

Positive Energy Redux! Who will GF aquire next?

Ok valued GF workers. Lots of negative energy out there, but its no time to feel down, its time to pivot! Let's block out the bad, and take in the good!! GF is growing and expanding. Let's take a vote and tell us all what company should GF buy next... read more

Rumored manager strike coming

Managers are targeted for next round of layoffs and are going on strike first week of December - friend is tech assistant to a director

Getting rid of the most experienced workers

The problem with GF is that they have been laying off their most experienced technologists based on pay and all they have left in increasing numbers are recent college grads who get promoted into principal engineer or management positions after only... read more

Next round of layoffs

Next layoff is likely going to be February per rumors my friend, an executive admin, has heard. More cutting from the highly paid ranks of technical staff. Last time it was largely engineers and R&D, but this time it will be techs that are higher on... read more

No one is going to buy the Malta fab

No other semiconductor company is going to buy the Malta fab. I'm sure it has been for sale for quite a while. It's no secret the investors want it gone. If anyone stepped up and gave them even a fire-sale offer for the fab, Mubadala would take it in... read more

The numbers just don't work

What it looks like to most of the semiconductor world is that 2018 is "peak revenue" year for Fab8. It will never, ever generate as much revenue as it does this year. With no new technology on the horizon, and the key 14LPP customer moving to TSMC... read more

SCG moving to a new location

just read long boring email from BB, I was out of town and looks like tommy boy announced, in his TH last week, moving SCG to a new location. Any ideas, where to be exact, some rumors are that the old Milpitas building is being renovated for the... read more

The untouchable executives

The frustrating thing is there are no consequences of their (executives) failures 'for themselves' ... it's always the little guys that pay the price through layoffs... even if they ever get touched, they will be sent out with million dollar... read more

Stop bashing those who stayed

People who stay do so for a variety of reasons: it's not just the inability to find another position FOR YOURSELF. It could be a spouse's job, elder care obligations or an immigration status. Some people outright decided not to do job search right... read more

People who left after the layoff

Does anyone have an idea of how many employees have left that were not cut? It seems like the parking lot in malta gets less crowded by the week.

Getting rid of talent and problem solvers

As one of the posters said, there is no blood left to bleed at GF. What we have here are preparatory steps to liquidate the business. They already got rid of their top engineering talent and problem solvers due higher pay, next will be sell off of... read more

AMD announced first 7nm CPU and GPUs

Yet, "our customers said they had no interest in 7nm"... There is a reason TSMC invested in 7nm development. Their financial experts clearly see something different than GFs. Anyone else believe 7nm won't be relevant and it was a good idea to can the... read more

There is no future here

Has anybody noticed that we have completely given up on research and development? When's the last time something truly new and inventive come out from this place? One of the reasons is managers who are supposed to be technical leaders but they have... read more

Night shift section managers

What do they do? I see a lot of nothing going on at night. Maybe the higher ups should just bring the hammer down on the slackers here on nights, clearly we can afford layoffs with the movie watching and book reading going on!

Do yourself and others a solid

When leaving global do yourself and others a solid please. The management at globalfailure/IBM Junior is the worst I have ever seen in my life. The cancer that is IBM and Gluten Free needs to die here to never be seen again. Is it possible for... read more

IBM picking up GF engineers

IBM at CNSE is picking up a bunch of ex-GF engineers. Have not heard any numbers. They failed here so you have to wonder when they will fail there.

Injustice and chaos

As a long-term employee of GF ( more than 5 years), I have to say that it has become a place where management is too distant from the workers, and a place with a fair amount of injustice. Lately, the turnover rate has become ridiculously high, and... read more

GF is pivoting

Looks like the layoff was a critical component in a brand new grand strategy to pivot toward differentiation. GF has announced a pivot to IoT applications, which they expect to execute on now that they have gotten rid of their experienced technical... read more

GlobalFoundries hires Janitors as techs!

GlobalFoundries hires janitors as techs. A few years back, GlobalFoundries actually hired two janitors. One janitor couldn’t pass the background check. He came from Cuba NM, fired from Intel, with rap sheet of drunk driving, domestic violence and... read more
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