Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

I think we're almost there

There is no significant debt to refinance before June 2027 (3.5 years away!) , and the business is already EBITDA positive, and right around levered free cash flow breakeven. By mid-2027, you can assume most improvement factors to cash flow will... —  read more 

New layoff wave

Is there going to be a new batch of layoffs in KRK? They have just canceled Morning Coffe and there will be a Town Hall on the 7th of March. They said it's just because of the winter break holidays, but strangely it's happening right after financial... —  read more 

End of WFA

APAC is forcing all staff back to office. Dictatorship. Mgt with no brains. They should downsize office space and save the money instead of laying off people. This company just does not value its people. Gonna resign now - enough of this c**p... —  read more 


Hi, does anyone know anything about the situation in KRK? Are there any information that the management team is supposed to be transferred to the USA, while only some of the development teams will remain in KRK?

They now know

With just 0 more business days before end of year Sabre now knows what their 4Q earnings and expenses were. If revenue growth is small and expenses do not reflect savings from prior cuts expect another round of US based layoffs. I am guessing a 5%... —  read more 

Bankruptcy in 2024

That is my prediction. $5 Billion in debt, revenues not even covering expenses, losing customers, business model just is not working. Oh but executives will be getting big bonuses.

Arrows in a direction

Today we learned Sabre is paying people who are deciding on the number and the direction of arrows for marketing. While laying off people who actually create and support technology. Now you know company priorities.

High cost locations

Run away if you are a high cost location resource. Doesn’t matter if you have unmatched experience and knowledge… you will be laid off because your CEO wants to keep money before he dumps Sabre.

Rotten sellout Leadership

KE: President and CEO- This guy is here on a short term assignment to make money for himself. He is using the easiest path to raise money for himself by firing resources. He lays off mostly US based resources and the next day positions open up in low... —  read more 

More layoffs

more layoffs today....our entire team is gone. I have to say I am sick of this, and am glad to get paid for a few months. It just makes me sad that I put in so many hours of overtime (weekends and after-hours) for many years, only to be let go and... —  read more 


Does Sabre just got hit with ransomeware attack? Why nobody is talking about it in public space? Was it noticed inside the company? I am out for couple of months now and just got to know about this attack.

Medical insurance

What do people who have been laid off do regarding medical insurance? Knowing that more layoffs are likely, that's the thing I worry about the most right now. Especially now that I know that finding a new job might not be as easy as it was last year... —  read more 

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