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Layoffs EMEA

In EMEA HR is in a great mood. Those girls are really sensitive. As if they are enjoying the preparation for the slaughter. They are an unprofessional bunch for whom any conversation you have with them is immediately fed to your manager. Amazing!

More to come?

Hearing there may be another round of layoffs in the next 2 weeks and the list has already been made. Any truth to that?

Why are there still so many jobs posted??

You mean to tell me out of the hundreds of us that have been laid off, that we couldn't have been given high consideration and slotted into some of these jobs? Come on. This is just BS I hope the whole damn company goes under.

Real Change- H1 B Reform

The greatest thing to happen to protect American IT workers has happened with the H1-B reform being introduced. Companies can no longer outsource our jobs to $60,000 per year workers in other countries to undercut our good paying jobs. I only hope... read more

Think twice...

It's sad what happened in our company. But when I read all these angry comments I have an impression that they laid off the right people. Everything is more complex than we might think so please think twice before you share your opinion on other... read more


First of all, to those laid off I offer my condolences. Condolences because I know you feel like @& right now. Second, I offer you my congratulations. You WILL find another job and you WILL find one at a company much better than Sabre. Here is some... read more

There's no such thing as corporate loyalty

Do they remember those weekends away during AZ cutover? How about all those late nights? Time lost with family. Taking calls on PTO days. You are an expendable corporate asset, to be thrown to the curb at the whim of rich corporate executives. That's... read more

MVD Layoff is over

Layoff completed yesterday. According to supervisors in my area, no more dismissals should occur.

I got layoff today.

I got layoff today. My manager asked me to join her in a room. Immediately I knew this was not normal. She used the script to read out to me. 2 weeks. Was told to take rest of day and Tuesday off. Show up on Wed or work from home.

Banglaore Cuts

Bangalore cuts to be announced on Tuesday the 24th. Get ready Bangalore. DFW and KRK on Monday 23rd

Layoff starting right now!

Looks like the 2017 LO is starting in DFW. Have you heard something? Is it true the consulting team is being LO right now?

Scandalous company

CEO and top management fired because of s-xual affairs and spreaded this practice to other regions. If you don't have what it takes to have an affair with your boss, you can't survive here.

To H1B or Not to H1B

In reading about Trump vs Obama's stance on the H1-B program, I am lead to the following conclusion It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but either way in the future the large companies will have successfully manipulated the average IT... read more

Victim of unfair practices

I just happened to stumble across this website, and to my shock, I still see layoffs happening. This is really sad. Cijoey Thomas and Mark Tift were my bosses, and they laid me off in the same pattern as many of the other people in the the company... read more
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Earnings Below Plan-not surprised

Wonder what the employee town hall will reflect...earnings not at plan,, "oh it will be better in the 4thQ you'll see!" attitude...sure.. and 2017 will be a record setter..haha not happening. We are all doom. Hopefully they wont layoff any more right... read more

Shaky ground

The way I see it, the Sabre’s cash cow lays on a shaky ground, and this management has no vision to turn things around. All they know to do is to push the experienced away and hire a new blood, the cheaper the better. This is not a solution, it will... read more

Such a mess

This company is just a shell of the one it once was, to the point it is almost unrecognizable. We are not going into the right direction, regardless of all mergers and changes. Talented employees and even leaders are forced out. Such a horrible... read more

Rumors that B6 will be leaving

This time theres gonna be no ramp up and regular employees will be let go once AB Implements. No new airlines are signing with Sabre. Rumors that B6 will be leaving


Heard thru the Grapevine if we don't get AA to sign onto a huge interact conversion or get United or Turkish to convert, BK proceedings will be happening in 2017.

More layoffs for contractors

More contractors will be forced to leave. Looks like people means nothing for top leadership. They think they can drastically rump down at the end of the year to quickly rump up starting from new year. That does not work that way in our industry... read more

"New" Sabre building, I think we all know what this means

So they are touting a "New" Sabre building. rumor has it eventually everything will be consolidated in the "new" state subsidized building and the current campus A&B will be sold/leased. Writing is on the wall. No way Sabre is going to produce 500... read more
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Sabre - Etihad

Why blame Etihad? They gave us money and business which cartoons who lead us don't deserve. Marketing is a lying machine and the worst among them lead them. Dummies who know nothing about Airlines or Technology or at least ethics are the decision... read more

And so it begins

Interact Development contractors released without notice yesterday, more by the end of the week. Apparently building B may be cleared out and leased out, it's that bad folks. Delivery layoffs will be announced by the end of the month. This place... read more

Any news on raises this year?

Usually about this time we get word about raises. I have not heard anything so far. Meanwhile Tom walks away with his 900 million...

uh oh
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Finally Quit after 12 yrs

After 12 years at Sabre, I finally decided to move on. Waited 3 mths before posting to see if I had any regrets but thankfully none. I had worked myself to a Manager position in the tech organization and soon realized that growth from here on would... read more
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Avoid Sabre

If you're considering working for Sabre do your research. Read these posts and check out glass door among other sources. Sabre does mass hiring and of course mass layoffs. They do not take stock of skill sets when performing layoffs so if you're one... read more

Annual Raise?

August seems like the time of the year they give out raises (if they give them out). Anyone know of any salary adjustments coming this year?

300 Bangalore Jobs

New jobs to India. Deborah Kerr cheese ng in pics with the team. How many US jobs to go away?

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