Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

>11.5 k employees

OMG. Sabre is not making enough money but they have more employees then pre pandemic levels. If you can not be lean during trying times that means you don’t have scalability in built in your DNA. Wake up leadership, see if a manger have only 5 ppl... —  read more 

Shameless, mediocre PM

I just saw some disgusting posts on LinkedIn. One of the worst PMs I have ever met in my life is boasting about her "successes" at Sabre. Her contribution was mostly chaos, miscommunications, gossiping, toxic atmosphere and now she is boasting about... —  read more 

I think I'm done

I can take a lot of things but a verbally abusive manager not being sanctioned in any way and allowed to continue being belligerent toward his direct reports is not among them. I'm planning to give in my notice within the next few weeks whether I... —  read more 

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