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People @ Sabre Forget Quickly

It is simply amazing how quickly a laid off person becomes nonexistent. Your old Sabre friends will not contact you to see how you are doing. Sad! None of your so-called friends and coworkers will mention your name. A manager in my group joked about... read more

Update your CV and start looking

Such big companies and their bosses go down totally rather rarely. The same will be with with Sabre and all this CEO, VPs etc. They have GDS to sleep peacefully and the only one part paying for bad business decisions will be workforce in the bottom:... read more

Layoffs this Friday?

Heard a rumor that there will be layoffs this Friday, anyone else heard that?? If your manager has been distant lately you might be on the chopping block.

Sabre - Nokia / Kodak / Blackberry in the making

Expecting to see more RIFs in the next couple months since we are behind on the 2017 targets and the executive bonuses and stock oprions are at risk As we lose more developers and other employees there will not be enough new products / innovation to... read more

Full of bad managers

This place is full of bad managers that have been around forever. I've never worked for so many bad leaders in my life. This company needs to do a major housecleaning.

Outages at Sabre

What's up with these frequent and serious outages at Sabre ? These outages have been ongoing and getting worse by the day. This issue has been discussed in the CPTO town hall meetings in the past. Also supposed to be high priority for the company. In... read more

Help Desk

Sabresonic Help Desk customer service is disastrous, at the end of the Day a lot of customers will leave Sabre.-In addition to this Development does not provide timely updates raising customer dissatisfaction, also the Management doed not have a clue... read more

Reorg in Sales Team

Head of the sales revised down this years projection from 1billion to 450million. Legendary salesman of EMEA region quit. North America sales people lost the Air Canada deal, which is worth hundreds of millions. A major reorg in sales is underway.

Major Breach at SHS

Information filed with US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today. This could be BIG.

A Reorg is Coming

Its pretty clear there is a big re-org in the offing. Org charts haven't been updated since the people left after the last layoff in March. People leave and they are still in the org chart and still in outlook. However, the executive pieces are still... read more

Bad Managers

A director at OR Consulting who failed Latam Rom project (after 1 year of free work) is still with the company. Sabre must spot people who fail projects and let them go. In this environment, directors who ruin deals are not good assets to keep.

Something wicked is coming....

When you see the job opening that says "Mega Hiring Event" and it's in BLR, for coding, testing, and debugging, you know some jobs are about to get shipped...and quality will take another nose-dive.

April Cuts

Hearing rumors of cuts coming up in April @ Southlake. Anyone else hear anything on the April cuts ?

EMEA Jobs wiped out..

Spain office closed.. Belgium the same.. More markets to follow. There is a big de- investment in EMEA No respect to people and most of the HR following weird tactics.. trying to catch people by surprise.. sad to see so much politics and Dallas... read more

Hugh Jones Kicked Out

Hugh Jones CEO of Airline Solutions kicked out of Sabre. Last day in August. Hugh is probably the last of the old guard at Sabre. Got to see where the new direction will take Sabre. Is it time to short the stock ? If layoffs could improve company... read more

Time for reflection...

Do you guys really think all your negative comments come from empathy and help in any way? Life is about change. If you were let go and you did not like the company you were working for, isn't it a relief that you are out and got some money? If you... read more

Layoffs today at DFW

Few folks from Ticketing at DFW let go today. More are expected. Looks like tge cuts have become an ongoing feature. Any similar news from other DFW groups or other locations ?

Layoffs EMEA

In EMEA HR is in a great mood. Those girls are really sensitive. As if they are enjoying the preparation for the slaughter. They are an unprofessional bunch for whom any conversation you have with them is immediately fed to your manager. Amazing!

More to come?

Hearing there may be another round of layoffs in the next 2 weeks and the list has already been made. Any truth to that?

Why are there still so many jobs posted??

You mean to tell me out of the hundreds of us that have been laid off, that we couldn't have been given high consideration and slotted into some of these jobs? Come on. This is just BS I hope the whole damn company goes under.

Real Change- H1 B Reform

The greatest thing to happen to protect American IT workers has happened with the H1-B reform being introduced. Companies can no longer outsource our jobs to $60,000 per year workers in other countries to undercut our good paying jobs. I only hope... read more

Think twice...

It's sad what happened in our company. But when I read all these angry comments I have an impression that they laid off the right people. Everything is more complex than we might think so please think twice before you share your opinion on other... read more


First of all, to those laid off I offer my condolences. Condolences because I know you feel like @& right now. Second, I offer you my congratulations. You WILL find another job and you WILL find one at a company much better than Sabre. Here is some... read more

There's no such thing as corporate loyalty

Do they remember those weekends away during AZ cutover? How about all those late nights? Time lost with family. Taking calls on PTO days. You are an expendable corporate asset, to be thrown to the curb at the whim of rich corporate executives. That's... read more

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