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There should not be layoffs

During this Covid-19 time, most of the companies are saying that they will not lay-off their employees. I hope Sabre will announce the same so that people can feel little relief. There are lot of lives which are dependent on this. Company should take... —  read more 

Non compete?

If I take the voluntary enhanced severance then how long is the non-compete in force and which potential future employers does it apply to? If the maximum severance is 6 months but the non-compete is 12 months then that shouldn't be legal and it... —  read more 

For greater good

Current unpaid leave program ducks since you don't have any surety that you will have your jobs afterwards even you are doing it for greater goods. Sabre could have come with a better plan where they can encourage everyone to take these leaves... —  read more 

Pay cut

One of my friend told that he did not get the 15 percent payout in the current check. I can see that pay cut in my check though. What does it mean? Will these people are safer if Sabre will do lay-off in future.

Enhanced severance eligible for unemployment?

For those in DFW, has anyone looked into whether or not taking the enhanced severance package leaves one eligible for unemployment benefits. I know Texas has some stringent qualification criteria for unemployment normally.

Severance Calculation

Confused, please help. Let's say an hourly wage employee makes 2K per week and has 10 years of continuous service. {Using round numbers for simplicity} What is the enhanced benefit severance amount ($) for that employee? TIA.

Impressed with Menke’s leadership so far

SM is doing a good job leading the organization through these difficult times for the industry. Managing through this is not easy and he has made several tough decisions that demonstrate his commitment to the people and longer term objectives for... —  read more 

Voluntary Salary cut outside of the US

What are your thoughts about the voluntary nature of salary cuts for all non US employees. If you were asked to give up a percentage of your salary would you do it?

8.8 million reasons

Menke's base salary was $966,000 in 2019, but he was paid $8.8 million in total compensation, according to regulatory filings.


Don't lose hope folks. This is not end of the world! Pray and stay safe!!!

Who's up for Severance ?

Waiting to see what "Enhanced" Severance really means, but I'm looking forward to jumping ship if its got decent financial incentives ! Thank You !


You just saw the options. Stay or TVUL or VS or VER. Which option do you prefer?

Lists are being created

Importance of products in terms of continued work in 2020 are being stack ranked aka "who is expendable?"

Best Wishes

Hope you guys are all doing well in this crazy environment. Wherever you live and whatever you do stay strong and healthy, my best wishes

Sabre's technical inadequacy

The truth is, a fair share of this "downturn" is Sabre's inadequacy, especially in the tech industry. We've blew $x,000,000 for our transformation only to say "let's start over". As a company we can't stick to a decision for longer than it takes to... —  read more 

Stock price

Considering stock price is hitting $7, anyone is buying our stock for long term? Will it go lower??


We are a travel related company and we know full well about the coronavirus and other companies are asking employees to work from home. Sabre has yet to ask employees to work from home. If anyone gets the coronavirus, would they be able to file a... —  read more 

share price

Can anyone explain to me why Amadeus is trading at around 43$ and we are at 8% ?

Someone reads these

The HR "leader" quit. Maybe this forum had something to do with it? Maybe she didn't want to be involved in the mass-layoffs we all know are on the way.

Merit Ratings

Given that this year a merit increase is highly unlikely, why not give the employee the rating that he or she has earned, and ignore the famous bell curve for once? The company loses nothing and it wont cost a dime.

Another year of this

Another year that I have to downgrade my employees from outstanding to successful because my VP and SVP want everyone to be no higher than successful since it will be harder to justify laying them off or having to give them more VCP, which they... —  read more 

55% VCP funding

While I appreciate any bonus it feels to me as if 55% VCP funding in a year where we did more to advance this company shows me the year of the people was totally false. Isnt 55% the lowest level of funding ever?

COVID19 / Sabre

Entire Sabre will be affected. You can read how SARS affected travel 17 years ago (SARS is way smaller comparing with COVID-19), it'll be much worse...

Most Job REQs have Disappeared

Job postings for each countries are almost completely gone from the careers site. Does this confirms cuts are coming on Q1/Q2? Even those in KRK, BLR, US are affect

Any truth to this?

So did anyone else hear about TWG members being told last week to find another job because their jobs will be moving overseas? Plus, there is the group of classic Interact team members on the tech side who are also getting cut if they aren't assigned... —  read more 

and off we go.

What a crazy environment where everyone tries to scare everyone else into quitting so that the person doing the scaring wont get laid off. What an insane place ! How are people supposed to focus with all this crud going on ? Seriously "leaders". Step... —  read more 

On Sabre's Culture

Sabre says they care about people and culture, but never forget that profits always come first. That is not unique to Sabre, but the fundamental nature of capitalism and investment. Our economy, and especially the trickle-down economic system we... —  read more 

Dumb or Desperate

CEO was dumb or desperate or both in hiring the current CHRO. She has a desk in the HR area but has very little interaction with anyone in HR other than her direct reports. She has said on numerous occasions that one of her pet peeves is that HR... —  read more 

IX to Iceland/Poland

IX is being sent off to Iceland/Poland was this not the flagship of AS last year for a game changer cloud solution? 2020, the year of the cheapest people and culture available.

HR leadership?

Why does CEO tolerate an overpaid and incompetent HR leadership who is disrespectful and demeaning towards their staff? 3 from failing dairy company Dean Foods (CHRO, SVP and Sr Dir) - 2 from failing retailer Michaels (VP and Sr Dir) - 2 from failing... —  read more 

Urgent! job openings

Did anybody notice all the Urgent! job openings at Sabre currently available? Just google "Sabre job openings" and a whole slew will show up. What's that all about?

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