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Global Anti-Harassment Brainwashing

Anyone taken the anti-harassment course? I felt like it was preparing us in DFW for "tolerating other cultures" when they further offshore US positions. It was sickening. Don't point out if someone cannot communicate in English! Don't point out some... read more

Sabre loses yet another customer to Amadeus-PAL

You think more layoffs aren't coming?? One more customer down. I have friends who work at Amadeus and they are also heavily engaging United and American, and preparing a JetBlue team. Etihad and friends can't save this company forever......unless... read more

Enough of the Fire Drill BS

Hey. Management. Do you want to make a change for the better? How about you some respect for all us peons under you who are working their tails off and don't ask us to just drop everything for 2 days per week because you'd like everyone to waste time... read more
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Layoffs & Severance

I'm a family member that wants to ask about the Severance packages and levels. I hear of those volunteering for the next layoff and we knew there would be a next layoff. Thank you for your time and consideration in obtaining this helpful... read more

Is Amadeus benefiting from Sabre layoffs?

I think our competitors will now have edge over Sabre since the climate is so unpredictable and unstable. I think even airlines might move to Pros and such due to having legacy products?

People are leaving

Today three good men i knew left the company. They all were great contributor in their area of expertise and were pillars in their teams.

RG's new role

It says "A leader with outstanding judgment and tremendous business acumen". If you really have great outstanding judgement or tremendous business acumen you will never be fired from sabre. :)

Salary decrease in Poland

Due to HR and/or finances incompetence since January this year all developers in Poland got 10% decrease of a salary. We were told that money will be ok from April, but apparently because of same reasons as before it won't happen and they are going... read more

Get into the Boat!!!!!

Last week Airline Soultions had their Town Hall where there leader DS spoke. In his same passionate fashion he yelled at us for the entire time ensuring there would be no time for questions as he regaled us with stories of how great he is and how he... read more

Finance VP let go

The cuts are continuing but at the rate of one cut a time to avoid attention. Last week a VP in Finance at DFW was let go.

Globalization, good for Sabre?

Is globalization good for Sabre? It's certainly good for labour in developing countries like Poland and India. Labour in KRK and BLR now have thousands of Sabre jobs paying good local market salaries. These jobs were created because labour costs are... read more

No P0 or P1 in Poland on Sunday

New law in Poland means that no Polish staff must work on Sundays. Currently 2 Sundays per month but will be all Sundays in 2020. Groups with Polish teams in 24x7 on call rotation will need someone else for Sunday on call when they switch to legal... read more

Are older employees safe at Sabre?

I'm wondering if it's true that older employees are safe at Sabre? My dad works there, so I've been keeping up on the company news and it seems more layoffs are a certainty. I keep trying to get him to at least update his resume and send out a few... read more

E-Team is quiting

After the Global Leadership Summit and announcement of SabreNext where it was proclaimed “the e-team is all in agreement”, the second member of the e-team has quit today. I guess they all aren’t actually convinced this is the place to be.

Texas Employment Attorney

Anyone know of a good Employment Attorney in Southlake? I'd like to review some items and don't trust Employee Relations or HR....

Annual VCP Attrition

This week starts the annual process of people resigning after they get their VCP payout. How many people are unhappy and have been waiting it out?

New Operational Model needs checks & balances

Sabre problems were not and are not due to the operational model. So changing Project to Product or Moving to Rally or Waterfall to Agile will not solve the problems. Far more bigger problem is integrity issues at VP, Director and Managerial levels... read more

About affiliated to Fuecys

Poor salaries from where Fuecys get their money are generally salaries between UY 10000 - 18000. Who at Sabre MVD earns that?!? No one! Does Sabre have competitive salaries? Yes. The best of the market? Probably not, but they offer other things that... read more

SED Talk on Feb 20

Another SED by SM and chums that said nothing. One interesting question from the crowd was "will rank and file employees be given opportunity for stock options?" SM just hung his head and let RS handle it. RS said "No... only E and C levels get stock... read more

I hate my job

I have no idea why management has not realized my position is not needed. But I hate my job. I would prefer being fired. I sit alll day googling stuff! Give me something to do or pay me to leave!!

SHS spinning off or selling off?

On the earnings call, that announced that shs would have its own reporting structure and be counted separately from the rest of Sabre. Do that sound like prep for a split? Might explain CA taking the helm there.

SabreNext is SabreSlow, Sabre Quack Quack...

Too much Talk, Strategy and no Action. Thanks to CA, he did not go to KRK/MVD/Singapore/London/India. Sabre enables Travel, but why is current the leadership themselves traveling? Why are they wasting Sabre’s time and money? They could have done... read more

Culture Decay

The C levels keep preaching culture as the top priority of Next. From what has been seen in town halls there is an ominous tone of get "in the boat" or get the eff out. They are building a real culture of fear. On top of that the SDLC is being... read more

What's Different This Time?

What's different about this new Sabre Next compared to last time or any time since 2001? I hear we are going to go to an Agile style now, with scrum teams of 5 to 7 assigned to each product. Scrum teams work on product features not projects. Scrum... read more

Not happy?!

Just leave!!! No one needs to stay if not convinced. Sabre will be successful when all detractors are out and the ones staying really want to do their best, not only for Sabre but for themselves... don’t waste your precious time if unhappy... take a... read more


60% funding for Merit increases in April 2018 for 2017 performance. Question was asked and evaded by HR why it is 60% when 2016 Merit was paid 3rd quarter of 2017.

Tax Savings and Sabre

Apple, ATT, Southwest and many other companies are giving $1000-$3,000 bonuses to their employees. JP Morgan Chase is giving 22,000 employees a 10% RAISE. Sabre: has an exec write a diatribe on here about how smart Sabre already is with tax savings... read more

New Sabre Values

Well now our screen savers have been updated with our Purpose, Strategy and Strategic soon before we are given useless gimmick desk toys with the same propaganda??? At least the Elevators in HDQ wiped clean the old crap off the... read more


Do we get VCP this year? Anyonone has any infornation regarding that?

Clinton's email about SHS layoffs

Today morning Clinton sent an email to SHS saying they will be eliminating 2 percent of SHS. Anyone knows who will be affected? What areas would the cuts be in?

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