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On the up?

Are things going to improve after this layoff? With everywhere around the world reopening, AA increasing flights, a positive jobs report, the stock market booming, and the President saying the virus is finished... it all sounds like rainbows and... —  read more 

Sean Menke and his end of the year bonus

How much do you think Sean Menke will rake in this year? How FAT will his end of year bonus be for cutting everyone's salary, not taking the government backed bailout to save everyone's job and salary? Do you think the executive team deserves any... —  read more 

Poll - Job Security

Would you take a 20% pay cut if someone was to guarantee you job security for next 10 years? If yes (or no), why?

Why make us wait???

Once again Sabre announces layoffs and then lets us stew for who knows how long before sending out notifications. Why? Why be so unnecessarily cruel? So many of us already have so much to worry about, especially considering everything that's been... —  read more 

The people in the High Castle seem quiet of late

Just wondering when the next shoe is going to drop? It looks like it’s time for an announcement on what next steps are going to be. Airlines are announcing significant cuts in personnel and schedule. Many are offering voluntary programs with a side... —  read more 

Talent Drain

Planned or Unplanned. It doesn't really matter. It's absolutely incredible to see the talent drain Sabre is experiencing right now. The actions of the last few months have sent people running for the exits, some in an organized fashion through vol... —  read more 


How are you handling anxiety and depression? Can you give some tips?

Directors- Why are they all incompetent?

Why are 95% of Directors incompetent, spineless and heartless individuals. Is that a qualification to be a Director in Sabre? My Delivery Director is the most unqualified and incompetent person I have ever met. He/She seems completely oblivious of... —  read more 

There are lists

I am hearing lists are being made and ranked according to different categories. Not just those furloughed but alot of others are going to take deep cuts with the TN re-org.

My whole team laid off

My whole team was just laid off as a cost cutting measure. I don't Sabre though. I do blame the media for over hyping the corona virus threat and causing this virus hysteria.

Furlough and working visas (H1B)

Confirmed from another friend of mine–the vast of majority of H1Bs got stayed, although there might be a couple H1Bs got furloughed as well, because if H1B got furloughed they do not meet the income requirement anymore per USCIS and there will some... —  read more 

Q1 Earnings

80M in fixed costs a month for a lights on zero bookings scenario. Im assuming wages are included as part of this 80M, among other fixed costs? Cost savings from furlough of 1/3 of staff =125M savings I.e. 62.5M a month.. Conservatively full... —  read more 

Solution Selloff

Any thoughts or bets what solutions Sabre could sunset or sell in an effort to become more lean?

Job offer?

So, I was contacted by a recruiter for a Scrum Master Position at Sabre -mmmmm. Now this did not seem right but as far as I can tell, it was a genuine contract position being offered. It is through the Indian company that does a lot of recruiting for... —  read more 

I'm done with this place

Does anybody else even try anymore? Cares enough to try? I'm well beyond that point. I've seen people who gave their all to this company be shown the door without a second thought while the majority of slackers never saw any consequences. So why... —  read more 

How you treat people matters

This is really a story of destroyed relationships. Previous employees now at SW. Previous leaders now at Travelport. Always treat your clients right Always treat your employees right They might just both decide you never needed to be in the... —  read more 

What are they doing??

I was furloughed. I have a lot of activities I had to turn over. I had to deal with the constant "I'm already so busy, how am I going to be able to do your tasks on top of mine?" I'm now seeing these same co-workers who were sooo busy to begin... —  read more 

Expect more layoffs

If you think we've seen the worst of it you are sadly mistaken. I'm pretty sure Sabre is far from being done with us. And those of you who think you are safe, think again. There is no such thing as "safe" in this company anymore, everybody should... —  read more 

Exit interview?

Any recently departed given an exit interview or even an exit survey? I've seen nothing and heard of nothing. If I were running an organization I think I would want to know why so many people were eager to depart.

Sabre needs srrong technology leadership

We are not an airline. We are not a travel agent. Yet I have a feeling that 90% of top management at Sabre comes from operations units of travel companies. That's why we cannot migrate to cloud on our own. That's the root of the acquisition fail... —  read more 

FareLogix Fail

All those millions wasted for something that did not happen. How ya'll furloughed people feeling now?

I am not even sure if Sabre will survive

Everyone is dreaming if they think they are going to call us back. I know many that will be relaxing during this period and are hoping to be called back. There may be a handful, but most will not. It's going to take 18-36 months for them to get... —  read more 

Same old thing

I wouldn't mind this as much if they started laying off the right people for a change. But seeing the best employees forced out over and over again...just makes me even sadder and madder.

When will we start getting calls to return?

The pandemic situation seems to be improving and from the looks of it, most of the country will start slowly reopening. I don't expect it to be an instant thing, it will probably take weeks for everything to be up and running again. So where do we... —  read more 


So the company imposed a mandatory pay cut for US employees and voluntary for non US. They offered severance and early retirement and got plenty of takers. In a matter of a few weeks they then mandated one third of the company out on furlough. The... —  read more 

SM and jobs

SM. Time for some self sacrifice buddy. Sabre could have over 80 DFW jobs or close to 240 jobs in India if SM would just quit. So just do it buddy. Be a team player and finally make a positive impact. You quitting would save hundreds of jobs

More this week?

I heard there'll be more cuts before the months is over, can anybody here confirm this?

When will it end?

From the looks of it, they're not done with layoffs just yet. I'm starting to wonder if it'll ever end...or if they'll just continue getting rid of most of us one by one...

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