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Next Round of Layoffs

Has anyone heard when the next round of layoffs will occur and how many will be cut? With the industry suffering for the foreseeable future I'm worried that lack of revenue will put more folks out of work.

This Re-Org Is a Joke

Hey execs, Calling one silo a new silo name under a new silo'ed org is not breaking down silos. Breaking down silos would be flattening the org and removing layers of VP/SVP and TEO that blocks devops culture progress. Are you selling to new... —  read more 

Retention Bonuses

Has there been any mention of the retention bonuses for the exec class at Sabre? Just curious exactly how much they awarded themselves while laying off 800 employees


Not true. You can have active Cobra and request marketplace insurance. If your crazy you can overlap insurance and have more than one active. Cobra s—s it is way too expensive.

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Does Sabre payout unused PTOs?

I was furloughed and got called back to work starting July. However, I plan to leave the company in mid-July for personal reasons. Does Sabre payout unused PTOs? If no, I probably will use up my PTO before giving two weeks notice.

Any news on TS 2.0?

I work for one of the TN teams, and we were told that some of our dev teams might end up reassigned to totally different products (where most people have already quit). An incident where some products were sold to a third-party (along with the... —  read more 

You'll be okay

To people who were laid off yesterday, you'll be okay in the end. I was laid off last year and while it wasn't an immediate thing I managed to find a new job that is about the same pay but with much, much better work environment than at Sabre. Being... —  read more 

Notifications yesterday

I had understood that the company had sent notifications to all employees yesterday telling them that they were either being laid off or that they were not on the list. That seems to have happened in some locations but not in others. Anyone know why... —  read more 


If you are a very long-time employee, though not your choice, it might be to your advantage to be part of the current layoff. As happened at so many other companies, severance will be reduced before each new layoff.

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On the up?

Are things going to improve after this layoff? With everywhere around the world reopening, AA increasing flights, a positive jobs report, the stock market booming, and the President saying the virus is finished... it all sounds like rainbows and... —  read more 

Why make us wait???

Once again Sabre announces layoffs and then lets us stew for who knows how long before sending out notifications. Why? Why be so unnecessarily cruel? So many of us already have so much to worry about, especially considering everything that's been... —  read more 

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