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Project OAK

Hoping to consolidate all information associated with Project Oak, which is headcount related in this thread.

MVD Syndicate (SUTSA)

Confirmed, we were dragged into a 2 hours meeting about "how to deal with them" There are no plans of getting people fired. Sabre do not care about second level or administrative workers joining but there was an indirect recommendation to punish... read more

Disgrace: Sabre / KRK

Disgrace: Sabre / KRK ------------------------------------------------- If you want corporations to stop this you need to get this onto local, national, and international news now. Make shareholders aware that this hurts their holdings and they will... read more

The financial liability of the employee

It is repeated a hundred times in the famous document that all rights to our Works are transferred to Sabre, and even if they are not, they are. Etc. This is understandable and I accept it. The transfer of these rights is also included in our... read more

I feel sorry for us

This blog is pure BS! No serious information shared. Everyone says a different date... until some day it becomes true. I even imagine people from Sabre’s competitors writing and laughing out loud about us coming to check the ‘news’ as if we really... read more

Project Oak

Do this, have a son, daughter, brother, wife, or neighbor call in with a fake name to the next town hall and ask what Project Oak is about...... I'll give you a hint, what does an oak tree do in the Fall? It loses it's leaves... Disclaimer: This is... read more
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I like my job!

Information on the situation in company is spreading across whole Krakow. My friend (Software Developer) who never worked for Sabre contacted me today and asked if it’s true and if I had to sign the document too. Because of this document as a company... read more

Sabre bankrupt before 2019.

They should not worry about accidentally laying off people in KRK that should not be laid off. Thanks to this, all those people worth anything will quit before January anyway and the only ones left will be the ones that should be laid off. So they... read more

Contract addendum elsewhere?

Do we know if Krakow was only the testing ground for the Sabre's crazy contract addendum, and if they are planning to implement it all over? I'm just wondering. Hopefully, if that was the case, the fact how badly the whole thing is playing out will... read more

Genius plan

They should not worry about accidentally laying off people in KRK that should not be laid off. Thanks to this, all those people worth anything will quit before January anyway and the only ones left will be the ones that should be laid off. So they... read more

Union in DFW?

Does Sabre employees have access to any union in DFW and is it even legal? KRK is creating one and another is coming in MVD shortly...stay tuned folks!!

Change in contracts for all KRK employees

Starting Monday all regular KRK employees are forced to sign a contract of employment amendment. It is a 20 page document stating couple of interesting things. First of all after terminating the contract with Sabre you are not allowed to participate... read more

Amadeus Global Outage

I bet Southwest regrets moving. Hopefully some non-customers consider Sabre.

Sabre QA directors and supervisors are waste

QA member working in the designated team, managed by development manager does not need dummy supervisors, QA manager and QA directors. Whole year they do not care what an individual is doing but at review time they give their opinions. What a waste... read more

October layoffs confirmed at Sabre

Layoff during Oct 1st /2nd week is confirmed at least in blr....HR and finance team is busy preparing exit papers...right now 50 (counts) are confirmed. ...people can check these guys they are in conf room near 2nd floor...Near IT helpdesk This was... read more

Cuts are only a band-aid

Sabre can save a few million by making cuts like these and some more through the headcount reductions coming up in October. However, the fact remains that Sabre is years behind the competition such as Amadeus and is continuing to lose market share... read more

Conference Call Bridge Discontinued

The latest victim of the Cost Savings effort is the conference calling phone facility. Supposed to be saving $200K per year. Are we now a company who cannot afford the basic calling facility ? What' next ? Get your own coffee and toilet paper ? Is... read more


Under the Texas Payday Law, severance pay is not owed unless it is promised in a written policy. DFW employees will be impacted most...

Airline Solutions and Hospitality on the block

Sabre is looking to sell off both the Airline Solutions and Hospitality businesses. Unfortunately they haven't learnt from the past and are going to Sell Low / Buy High as has been done in the past. Both businesses are not doing well at this time and... read more

Sabre Alternate

Is there any other good companies in dfw other than sabre? Throw some lights on so that ppl who r looking (like me) can benefit . Dont want to end up in another sabre...if they dont give any hike or no promotion cycle, ppl will start packing soon... read more


Has anyone's boss talk to them about merits for this year or is that off the table?

Airberlin VP's good move

Not sure how many of you read this article but it is very good hope sabre outgoing leadership does the same for their team/members :)...
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Challenges plaguing Sabre's layoffs decision

I found this to be an interesting read, thought I'd share it. From the article: Sometimes stocks go up on news about layoffs. Not this time. Some investors were not satisfied with Sabre’s story. After opening trading on Aug. 1 at $23, the stock price... read more

Workers pay for management incompetence

The problem with the new leadership is that the entirety of their airline experience is that they are Exec Platinum. Most airline leaders can tell when one of our execs haven't got a clue about what our products really do. They laugh when people that... read more

SVP MSM Meeting

Certain SVP talked about KRK and BLR being $13 and $17 an hour for development vs $70 on average in TX. Used the term streamlining workflows (aka offshoring) the ship is sinking.

Has anybody else been rehired?

Laid off and rehired. Apply on Sabre's internal career portal. There are lot of positions coming up everyday. Contact other teams that are hiring. I ran into this post in another thread (@OzRFjeQ-gkoe) and I was wondering if anybody had a similar... read more

Replace the so-called leadership

Most of the so-called "Leaders" at Sabre are nothing but "True Politicians" who have survived all types of layoffs throughout their career in Sabre and they will still be there like rotten coackroaches by making others as Scape Goats till the company... read more

The New List

I heard from Bailey that the new list is already being circulated...

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