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Business Reorganization

Just another re-org, the most popular activity at Sabre. An email announcement would have been more than enough, maybe followed by an invite to a town hall AFTER the email went out. Sending out a mystery meeting with less than 24 hours notice was... read more

The eTeam Announcement

So today we had the big eTeam announcement where Sean Puntin and Team explained the new eTeam Players and that now AS and TN will be one. I know they made it sound wonderful but how soon will there be layoffs once they determine the redundancy... read more

IT Training

Events that happened year ago should give some people clue that these days its good to be up to date with technology and have CV ready. I’ve bet that by the end of this month there will be so many surprised complainers...

Quarterly Cuts

It's about that time people, August 1 earning call. When will the axe drop again?

It's not that easy

Try outside of sabre guys. Market is hot. You will surely get calls. I was laid off. Got 3 offers. How old are you? How good were those offers? I'm guessing you are either not older than 35 or those offers were well below what you were paid here at... read more

Extended Summer Vacations

Some people are spending months in their home countries without any reason or a project. This extended “work from home” is not good for Sabre. Employees dissapearing in the summer months and their managers who approve thier requests shall be... read more

save legit by firing fake

some groups are just having fun and not doing anything. keep hearing every year new things from EDA, they never showed anything concrete. Sr. Dr. doesn't know anything, grill him with right questions and he won't have any answers, they hired one laid... read more

Layoffs Postponed

Heard that our CEO SM aka S Putin postponed the Layoffs.......wondering if he wants to wait until after the 4th of July Holiday so that Sabre HDQ can celebrate with some fireworks later since it is only in the USA that we never get to celebrate our... read more

5 Year Goal?

What's the 5 year layoff goal for DFW heads? Around 1000 remaining in DFW (so around 10% of the company in DFW and 90% offshore)? Or less than 1000 in DFW?

To Those No Longer at Sabre, Stay the Course

Since the frequent layoffs from 2017 through May 2018, whether or not you were ready to be set free, I pray that you have a new peace to know that YOU ARE WORTHY as we all are. Do not allow anyone/anything deter you from this truth. Believe that you... read more

Post GDPR compliance date layoffs

Is sabre planning in letting people go after the GDPR comes into effect this month? All the work they have done to get ready I would assume they may no longer need some of those folks now. I heard another layoff is coming just not sure where the... read more

Older vs younger workers

I'm sorry to all of you younger folks on this forum but I have to state what I found... Older workers bring higher morals, character, selflessness and dedication to the job. From experience (a lot of experience), I'm an ex-Sabre employee, went on to... read more

Was your evaluation changed?

Just need a anonymous hands up since The CIO came in. He told folks to cut their employees who didn’t fit his model.. ie women. There have been a number of PIPs for womren but not for men. S-xism... at its best

Belt tightening

Extreme belt tightening has occurred on the expense reporting. Prepare yourselves for the next round of layoffa. No doubt they are coming soon?
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Anonymous really?

Formal request to conduct an internal investigation of HR and the drafting department in Kennedale. 9 or 10 people doing all the work while the rest coast, actually sleeping. We are fed up

Who wants to hire older workers?

Everybody is talking lately about how great the job market is right now and how easy it is to get a job, but I don't see that to be true for anybody over fifty (maybe even lower than that.) Does anybody know of a company that is willing to hire older... read more

layoff on 25 May

Somebody from HR Bangalore team informed that layoff may happen on 25 May in Bangalore , Does anyone knows about it.

CEO Does Not Care

CEO does not care about employees (despite insincere and hollow comments). Employees are machines to do work and should be run like robots then replaced or moved as needed. CEO believes another 10-15% could be cut without missing a beat!! Other... read more


The best Family & Friends Day of Sabre MVD happened today, organized by employees. Great experience. Thanks for the opportunity!

April 25th Layoff Numbers

I heard that the total number of cuts was 10% which works out to around 700 heads Anyone else have thoughts on the number of cuts ? Any regional information ?

Interact Dev cutback big time

Just heard that about 1/3 or more of Interact Dev got layoff notices last week. Man this is serious if the main product's developers are out the door. LATAM cutover is this week and then there's nothing.

More layoffs next week?

We had somebody mention that there might be more layoffs coming next week at the office yesterday, but I haven't been able to find anything else on that anywhere. Now my weekend is ruined as there is no relaxing with that possibility hanging over my... read more

IT Security is being outsourced!

The new VP that started earlier this year is on the board of a company called HITRUST and they have some partnership with Trendmicro. A lot of people in IT Security have either been fired or quit already. They are hiring a new director next week who... read more

No mention layoffs at Town Hall

I know management wants to move on as quickly as possible from the recent round of layoffs. However, how does our CEO stand in front of everyone and emphasize open, honest communications and confronting realities and never mention the layoff that... read more
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File EEOC Claim BEFORE Lay Off

If you think you will be laid off beacause of your skin color, nationality, origin, relegion, and age filing an EEOC claim (before you are out) may provide protection.

Older Workers Included in Diversity Protection

Workplace diversity certainly applies to race, gender and ethnicity, but it also includes age. That's important because the 50-and-older segment of the labor force is getting bigger. The law protecting older workers is clear and has been for a long... read more

Question regarding last round of layoffs

Have all the people who will officially stop working on May 25 been notified already? Or is there a chance there are some notifications still pending? I really wish I could relax and not stress about layoffs 24/7, but unfortunately that seems to be a... read more

Hit Up Glassdoor

I think to provide a Glassdoor review on your experience at Sabre might be helpful to the executives. I think it is based on percentages of respondents, so if everyone in HR puts a bogus review it will be inflated, and vice-versa. I think naming it... read more


When interviewing new candidates it's customary to give them an opportunity to ask questions. They want to know if the position is a good fit for them as much as we want to know if they are a good fit for the position. What I dread is when they... read more

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