Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

Sabre Singapore is rehiring!

Check out this job at Sabre Asia Pacific : Associate Sales Agent. They are already rehiring at Sabre Singapore not long after a massive global layoff of existing Sabre team members!

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While business is going downhill

How is it possible that there are so many bad managers who don't know (and some don't want to) bring out the best in people? I don't intend to be another brown noser and I have a feeling that this is precisely the reason for the manager's bad... —  read more 

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The ideal employee

In the past, the ideal employee here was someone with competencies who adds value and is dedicated to his or her work to the maximum…… Today, however, it seems that the ideal employee in this company is someone without experience, who barely knows... —  read more 

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EU employees status still TBD

It is 30-May and EU-based employees still do not know anything about RIFs. The big announcement was 15May and since then there has been no update from HR. Leadership talks like the RIFs are all over without even acknowledging that EU employees are... —  read more 

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Just doesn’t seem fair

I invested many years at Sabre just to be left out in the cold like an unwanted old pet. I was potty trained and thought I was obedient. Always remember everyone is expendable so have a plan B. I did not.

Farewell and thanks

I remember a time when an employee who had given a large part of his/her life to a company was thanked sincerely for their contributions, taken out for a nice meal and given a generous gift. 20/30 year veterans are now told to eff off and threatened... —  read more 

Number of job levels in Sabre

I was laid off on 15 May and when I spoke with a recruiter, she asked about the job levels in Sabre to match my role with her organization. I can't remember the total number of job levels in Sabre. Can someone please let me know?

New layoff

I heard there’s another one coming. I guess the investors are not reacting as expected (this part is just me guessing or trying to justify( but I don’t really know. Anyone has more “concrete” news?

No Payout for accrued PTO?

While I'm sure that HR has done their legal homework, I have to it legal to NOT pay out for accrued PTO when laid off for financial reasons in Texas? I don't recall signing anything to agree to this changed policy.

Lost Sabre ID :-(

I WFHed out of state and haven't visited Southlake in 3.5 years. So naturally my ID has gone missing. What now, no severance pay? Or am I taking all the threats too seriously?

Getting new offers

I don't want to spend any more time thinking about Sabre and trying to make sense of these layoffs. Sending resumes and looking for a new job is now my main priority. Some people are afraid that they won't be able to get a good offer for a long... —  read more 

Bankruptcy is inevitable

I was let go off this Monday and I was lucky to have my as covered with a backup job. many gud and honest talent were let go off along with me while some as lickers got saved . Bankruptcy is inevitable. For those honest and hardworking folks who... —  read more 


A lot of people that have decades under their belt were laid off. Of everyone I knew being laid off (DFW/USA based) I feel I was the youngest and I'm pushing 50. I recognized that people that have been with Sabre for 20+ years probably are high... —  read more 

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