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SVP MSM Meeting

Certain SVP talked about KRK and BLR being $13 and $17 an hour for development vs $70 on average in TX. Used the term streamlining workflows (aka offshoring) the ship is sinking.
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Has anybody else been rehired?

Laid off and rehired. Apply on Sabre's internal career portal. There are lot of positions coming up everyday. Contact other teams that are hiring. I ran into this post in another thread (@OzRFjeQ-gkoe) and I was wondering if anybody had a similar... read more

Replace the so-called leadership

Most of the so-called "Leaders" at Sabre are nothing but "True Politicians" who have survived all types of layoffs throughout their career in Sabre and they will still be there like rotten coackroaches by making others as Scape Goats till the company... read more

The New List

I heard from Bailey that the new list is already being circulated...

No one is forcing you to work at Sabre

Yes, the layoff was bad. Some good people were let go. Some people needed to be let go. Either way, what's done is done and it's time to move on. All of you folks still working for the company and STILL bad-mouthing it - give your two-week notice on... read more

Effed up company

Worked here almost 7 years. Worst place I've ever worked as far as horrible managers, lack of promotions, lack of vision, no security. There are some good managers, but lots of bad ones. Very VP and Director heavy. 3 layoffs so far this year. Lots of... read more

New CEO Said He Is a HAS-BEEN!!!

So I found it interesting that our CEO SM said in the meeting last week that he was a Has-Been. I couldn't believe my ears so I even watched the recorded video broadcast to make sure I heard it right and sure enough he said it twice that he is a... read more

Sabre HR Take Action!

If Sabre wants to remain a reputable company HR must take action and fire the director at sales&consulting who knew the layoff list 2 months in advance and manipulated the list by removing himself and putting hard-working employees to the list to... read more

Where are we at right now with layoffs?

I am trying to figure out if the worst is over with Sabre's latest waves of layoffs, or if there is more to come any time soon. Now, I know sporadic layoffs will be happening, but do we have any information on any major changes any time soon? I would... read more

Halloween costume

Así you all know, rumors are like a virus, and by now i guess we all know that around october and november, another Lay off Is coming. So if you need an idea of Halloween costume, just use a dirty shirt, messed up tie and dont forget a empty box to... read more

Morale issues post-layoff

For those readers who are still emplyed at Sabre, how is the morale around your areas? Here in Southlake, this latest round of hits have really hit employees hard. Not to take anything away from the trauma that those who were let go must be feeling... read more

See ya in 90 days!

Well it's been fun but gotta go for now but we'll see you in about 90 days as the purge continues! Those shed on Monday are lucky since they won't get their pink slip during the holidays like the next bunch as Sabre continues to bleed. Stay tuned as... read more

Rehire good people

If you really feel that Sabre has laid off good people give them a second chance. Scan their resume, interview them and if they are fit for you and your team rehire them.

"The List" makes NO SENSE!

I'm at a lost for words here on how this stupid list was compiled. We have incompotents, redundants, old, young, high paying, entry level, remote, local, global, hard working and slackers. WTF IS THE THOUGHT PROCESS!

Sabre Stock drops 10.5% today

Sabre stock dropped 10.5% today after the Q2 earnings were reported. The execs knew that the Q2 earnings were sub par and that the stock would drop significantly after the earnings were announced. So they timed the 9% layoff to coincide with the... read more

Adios sabre...

this company is a sinking ship 12-24 months from now it will only be wreck that will stay. The prosperity finished with Sam's departure, the ceos that followed him were only carying of their own pockets. menke belongs to that group.

Any Corp Comm affected?

I'm on vacation and have no idea how's many (if any) of my corp comm team has been impacted. Any intel?
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How many total and what teams/areas in US?

Does anyone know how many total and what teams? Did they walk people out immediately or give them notice? I am on vacation, I didn't get a call so I assume I'm safe, but I kind of want to prepare. I did hear a lot of delivery BA's in Airline. Not... read more
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Risk Averse and no propensity to innovate

Sabre has always been a reactionary company with no appetite for being proactive because that would been taking risks. Always playing catch up to Amadeus and to what Airlines want. The only reason for its survival this long has been the monopolistic... read more
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Is this wave of layoffs now officially over?

This was brutal. So sorry for all the people who lost their jobs, I truly hope you land on your feet and find a better company than Sabre that actually cares about its employees. Do we know if this was it for this wave (I am positive more waves will... read more

Sabre will survive

Dark times - yes. But Sabre will survive. For those that have been around you know this business is cyclical. Yes, it's down now, but we've been there before. To those laid off - good luck.

Avoided WARN... Nice one!!

Transparency at Sabre doesn't exist at all especially in Airlines Dilusions. But today's purge of 9% is so fecking obvious! My money on another purge in 90 days exactly. Another 9% or whatever to skirt WARN. Execs at Sabre are just slimes and HR is a... read more
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Criteria- Personal vengence

So the criteria is personal vengence - which city you belong to, what religion you follow.. If they don't like you are on the list. Next is how high is your salary... And how much you show your visibility. In the end comes your work performance. So... read more

It's Me Again

To all the folks laid off... I'm very sorry. I know it hurts, it s---s, and it feels very unfair. Sabre is a company hanging on by its fingernails. It's not in a healthy state and hasn't been for a very long time. Due to its incapable upper... read more

MVD Layoff is OVER. For now?

Meeting with leadership and some analysts from MVD Airline Solutions was held once it was confirmed that the "actions" had concluded. It was mentioned that the company is doing "fine" but these were "actions" that needed to be completed to avoid any... read more

How do they execute layoffs?

Call? Conference with HR? How does the actual act of communicating that you've been laid off happen? Do they call you in a conference room? If yes, who is there? What do they tell you? How long does it take???

Go Give a Glassdoor Review

Let's all take a few minutes to give very honest Glassdoor reviews. Potentials can be scared off by the truth. HR is in a practice of boosting reviews with fake reviews. We all know this company is more like a 2.0 with 30% CEO approval ratings.
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Positive note for those that were laid off today!

After working at Sabre, you can work anywhere! Sabre is a fast-paced unorganized company! The stress level on a scale from 1-10 at Sabre is a “10”. At Sabre every departments works in a silo and are insulated from other departments. What does this... read more

For all laid off folks in Bangalore

Working at Sabre was just one season in your life. Yet, there will be many more beautiful seasons ahead of you and the chances are that you will see your best season outside the walls of the Sabre Offices . Just remember (Turn, turn by the Byrds):... read more

Layoffs = Yes; End of the World = No

... you are simply flying a bit closer to the ground than you are used to, or, in some cases, have never seen before. And, don't worry too much about the many layoff percentages being thrown around, as long as you have the wherewithal to weather the... read more

Sabre Lay offs in Bangalore

Devastated looking ppl stepping out permanently with such sad faces. F---ing DPM structure is not really worth to assess the persons capabilities. Sabre is not heading towards good direction, it already created huge chaios in the exisiting ppl mind... read more

EMEA layofffs

Anyone heard from EMEA region? I heard 20 let go in uk.
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