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Sabre acquires Farelogix

The company stated that it is set to acquire Farelogix for the amount of $360 million. With the deal, SABR is seeking to roll out Farelogix’ system-agnostic solutions to facilitate end-to-end personalized digital fare marketing capabilities for... read more

CTO ciao ?

Are we abolishing CTO position or going to find a new one after this short lived CTO leaves at the end of year ?

Layoffs have started in Southlake?

There are layoffs in southlake, just not big enough to issue a WARN notice. I’ve know some that have been affected. Yes the previous comments on budget slashing and Global Workforce is the direction. We are told the major moves though will be through... read more

Signs of layoffs?

Anyone seeing signs of layoffs? Specifically USA. I've observed a few things that make me nervous, such as budgets getting slashed. Other minor stuff.

Code of Business Ethics

Each year we are forced to take this class.....and each year I will want to throw up for this company has no integrity and lost its soul a long time ago. Makes me very sad.

Isn’t lying to investors a crime anymore?

At the quartery earnings call Sean brags about ancillaries “we have done this, we have done that” kind of talk. An investor follows up with a question “tell us about your ancillary plan. Will you roll out In 2019 or in 2020?” Sean replies back “it... read more

Cronyism is alive in Sabre...

Sean Putin and DS bring another one of their cronies...DS's buddy from Kony and CSC. At least HJ was able to build relationships with airline executives. Now there's no hope for Sabre AS. The only good thing C can do is to fire GG. The rest of us... read more

Sabre is a bit lost right now

Sabre is a bit lost right now, stuck with long and short term goals for 80-90 percent low cost center work. (ive seen the plans). Also stuck with a very low local morale. clevel is a piss poor at strategic work and no one in the darn company can... read more

Must read...

I was affected... it was traumatic at first, but here I am a year later with a better job and a better company. There is a great life beyond Sabre. What got me to the good place I am now is: Kept good relationships with former Sabre people Networked... read more

Free T-Shirts

Free t-shirts to heal the wounds of perceived bad company culture caused by a combination of hire/fire and exec turnover revolving door. Mission complete Vlad? All is well again do our jobs?

Sabre Layoffs that happened on July 31, 2017

Sabre announced their 2Q earnings today.....a year ago, this was the day, they laid off 900 people......I am sure many found jobs and moved on.....can someone who was affected who is doing great now post your experience of how you overcome this... read more

Sabre Layoffs that happened on July 31, 2017

Sabre announced their 2Q earnings today.....a year ago, this was the day, they laid off 900 people......I am sure many found jobs and moved on.....can someone who was affected who is doing great now post your experience of how you overcome this... read more


Currently I am a Contributor and I Have a succesful DPM, but is it possible if I resign my position and leave the company for a year to work somewhere else and then return as a Senior to My previous role in Sabre?

Sabre GLBL visa

Exactly a year ago, Sabre cut lot of jobs in Southlake but this site shows they filled 116 labor certifications....they are laying off people and filing visas doesn't make sense.......I guess most of these jobs are tech jobs.....interestingly most... read more

Layoffs before Q2 announcement next Tuesday

There are quite a few rumours regarding layoffs that going to happen before Q2 finanacial announcement next Tuesday. Does anyone have more information? Do who know what divisions will be affected?

White Elephants.

re-org proves that this company is in deep sh--. lot of new white elephants, some got promoted and some got demoted "Fish" ( not sure how this stupid got hired, doesn't have any clue about technologies and hence CTO ).. some hired as new.. but... read more

Business Reorganization

Just another re-org, the most popular activity at Sabre. An email announcement would have been more than enough, maybe followed by an invite to a town hall AFTER the email went out. Sending out a mystery meeting with less than 24 hours notice was... read more

The eTeam Announcement

So today we had the big eTeam announcement where Sean Puntin and Team explained the new eTeam Players and that now AS and TN will be one. I know they made it sound wonderful but how soon will there be layoffs once they determine the redundancy... read more

IT Training

Events that happened year ago should give some people clue that these days its good to be up to date with technology and have CV ready. I’ve bet that by the end of this month there will be so many surprised complainers...

Quarterly Cuts

It's about that time people, August 1 earning call. When will the axe drop again?

It's not that easy

Try outside of sabre guys. Market is hot. You will surely get calls. I was laid off. Got 3 offers. How old are you? How good were those offers? I'm guessing you are either not older than 35 or those offers were well below what you were paid here at... read more

Extended Summer Vacations

Some people are spending months in their home countries without any reason or a project. This extended “work from home” is not good for Sabre. Employees dissapearing in the summer months and their managers who approve thier requests shall be... read more

save legit by firing fake

some groups are just having fun and not doing anything. keep hearing every year new things from EDA, they never showed anything concrete. Sr. Dr. doesn't know anything, grill him with right questions and he won't have any answers, they hired one laid... read more

Layoffs Postponed

Heard that our CEO SM aka S Putin postponed the Layoffs.......wondering if he wants to wait until after the 4th of July Holiday so that Sabre HDQ can celebrate with some fireworks later since it is only in the USA that we never get to celebrate our... read more

5 Year Goal?

What's the 5 year layoff goal for DFW heads? Around 1000 remaining in DFW (so around 10% of the company in DFW and 90% offshore)? Or less than 1000 in DFW?

To Those No Longer at Sabre, Stay the Course

Since the frequent layoffs from 2017 through May 2018, whether or not you were ready to be set free, I pray that you have a new peace to know that YOU ARE WORTHY as we all are. Do not allow anyone/anything deter you from this truth. Believe that you... read more

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