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More layoffs for contractors

More contractors will be forced to leave. Looks like people means nothing for top leadership. They think they can drastically rump down at the end of the year to quickly rump up starting from new year. That does not work that way in our industry... read more

"New" Sabre building, I think we all know what this means

So they are touting a "New" Sabre building. rumor has it eventually everything will be consolidated in the "new" state subsidized building and the current campus A&B will be sold/leased. Writing is on the wall. No way Sabre is going to produce 500... read more
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Sabre - Etihad

Why blame Etihad? They gave us money and business which cartoons who lead us don't deserve. Marketing is a lying machine and the worst among them lead them. Dummies who know nothing about Airlines or Technology or at least ethics are the decision... read more

And so it begins

Interact Development contractors released without notice yesterday, more by the end of the week. Apparently building B may be cleared out and leased out, it's that bad folks. Delivery layoffs will be announced by the end of the month. This place... read more

uh oh
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Finally Quit after 12 yrs

After 12 years at Sabre, I finally decided to move on. Waited 3 mths before posting to see if I had any regrets but thankfully none. I had worked myself to a Manager position in the tech organization and soon realized that growth from here on would... read more
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Avoid Sabre

If you're considering working for Sabre do your research. Read these posts and check out glass door among other sources. Sabre does mass hiring and of course mass layoffs. They do not take stock of skill sets when performing layoffs so if you're one... read more

Annual Raise?

August seems like the time of the year they give out raises (if they give them out). Anyone know of any salary adjustments coming this year?

300 Bangalore Jobs

New jobs to India. Deborah Kerr cheese ng in pics with the team. How many US jobs to go away?

Kicked to the Curb!

Dolly Wagner-Wilkens is out! She will transition things over the next several months and then she is gone. Woohoo! Now they need to cut ties with Deborah Kerr.

Most unethical company and management

As a manager, I have been on calls where, the Sales/VP would get on a call with Engineering leadership and ask "Will you put your job on the line if you fail ?". Your own VP/Director would be silent on the call. If you failed, your own VP would throw... read more

Most Unethical Company

If you've been laid off here's a warning. You've been marked as non-rehirable. Sabre's DPM policy is that managers have to rate a percentage of folks as unsatisfactory, meeting expectations, and excelling. To prevent themselves from ranking current... read more

Layoffs Started

Annual layoff process has started. Confirmed layoffs in HDQ of marketing personnel. The best is still to come later this month and in Jan 2015. Best Wishes for the Holiday Season from the Sabre execs


anybody wants to comment
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Are you still looking for a job?

If you are still looking for a job in technology and are a developer in just about anything, check out the UNT jobs website. They have several lower level jobs that may not require experience in the specific development platform, even if it is listed... read more

Still Can't Find a Job

I was a highly rated employee at Sabre and had great working relationships. Nevertheless, I was laid off at the beginning of the year and still haven't been able to find anything despite sending hundreds of applications. I'm even looking in other... read more


OBOX Solutions is and IT Staffing company currently hiring for a number of clients. We are looking for talented IT Engineers, Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and QAs. We also are hiring for several levels of Management. Send your... read more
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Severance @ Sabre

not sure if this was asked before, but do you know what a typical severance package at Sabre is?

Recent Cuts

SVPs Harish Mysore (Strategy) and SVP Jamie Patel (ASD) were asked to leave. Mysore in early Aug and Patel on Aug 28th. Both given a hefty severance package
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Lay offs continue!

So lay offs are over? Not as far as I heard. Last lay off was early May. Senior staff! Then they have the nerve to spend thousands on anniversary parties. Very sad indeed. Tap talent almost all gone.

Protect US citizen jobs

Enter public comment against work permit for H-4 visa. They are laying off US citizens and our jobs will go to these people. Let US citizens get jobs first.!docketBrowser;rpp=25;po=25;dct=PS;D=USCIS-2010-0017

Sabre to go public today
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Sabre IPO

Interesting document, worth read it. Mr. Klein . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $784,778(1) $682,757 87% Mr. Simonson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... read more
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Sabre: Managers cannot be used as a reference.

I have found out that Sabre has sent out specific instructions to all the managers of laid off employees, that they are not allowed to give a reference for the employee even if they would really like to. How do you like them apples?


Any news on VIP for those laid off in jan/feb?

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