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New Era Of HR

My take, unimpressive, a lot of VPs that think they are VIPs. Can we put some of their headcount into areas that need it and not into people who just want to hear themselves talk? It’s painfully embarrassing how unaware they are of the real issues.

Rewards should be merit based

Speaking of compensation, why are randomly picked people getting free vacations? How does that encourage anything beneficial for Sabre? Shouldn't rewards be merit-based? Shouldn't we reward something that was purposely done that should be encouraged?... read more

Nobody wants to stay here long-term

Has anybody else notice Sabre has become the kind of company that new people only use as a stepping stone until they can secure a better job somewhere else? Nobody is interested in staying here longer than they have to. First chance and they're out... read more

Promotion but Pay Increase Later?

Wondering if others have similar experience. I was promoted earlier this year but told my salary increase has been delayed several months. So I am performing new job without pay increase. Never worked for a company that has asked me to do that. Is... read more

Developer Positons in Boston

I read a posting for developer leads in Boston as Sabre gears up to re-write legacy mainframe applications to be hosted in the cloud.

REK Layoffs, Ops team disbanded (Feb 27)

The team had 6 members all but one were laid off. This lay off represents (a tad more than) 10% of the staff at the REK office. The narrative given: centralizing Operations. India being one of those centers. "The year of the people".

MVD layoffs, 20 people so far.

Quiet layoffs in MVD. During our meeting there was instructions not to call it a layoff and to pretend it is based on performance and optimization. Well I do not want to fire anyone but if they ask me to let someone go, sure it won't be due to... read more

well that was bull

anyone else p-ss-d right now? giving us all this "people are important" and "year of people and culture" stuff while they tip us off. we are owed way more than 100% vcp, I did the math and it should be at least 140% of usual bonus. instead they are... read more


Great performance for company in 2018 overall. My mgr said execs have kicked around numbers up to 130% for VCP based on the profit goals we set, just need to see what board approves. Very exciting!

New HR Tactic Glassdoor

Glassdoor has many salaries recently posted that are far under the market midpoint Sabre rate. Many have only 1 reported salary. It looks like HR is scheming again with fake reviews and now salary postings. Look for people to be underpaid soon more... read more

No more work from home

They announced that working from home is no longer allowed in TN in Southlake, except for personal illness, ill family member, or home maintenance. Having a day each week to work from home was one of the few perks of working for Sabre. It saved a... read more

Sanjay defrauded Sabre

GLS result prediction

"Introducing what our core values thrive on, Sabre Next^2, Get sh-- done half the cost half the time, half the manpower" and "VCP plan is new and proved as everyone gets a $10 Walmart Gift Card Instead"


Our leadership is still a bunch of disconnected douchebags. That includes the board.

Stock award security

If you were granted a stock award that vests over several years as an incentive to not quit then what happens to the unvested stock if you are laid off before it's vested? Do you lose it or does it vest on schedule even though you no longer work for... read more

2018 No Mass Layoffs Illusion

Sabre execs are patting themselves on the back for 2018 turning around the perception that Sabre is a chop shop since there were no mass layoffs. The illusion is that there still are typical mass layoff practices going on. Louis Selincourt was... read more

Team movement to TSPD

It was officially announced today that TSPD "won" the budget and teams will be moving there. What was not said is that this was complete surprise for the affected teams both long and short term. Rumor says that around 150 popeple was moved without... read more

Welcome to Sabre

This company will be still slow and less innovative than it could as long as politics and lack of transparency will rule. To be innovative - people need to have time for it - and at this moment - the higher management seems to be completely unaware... read more
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