Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

Is this the norm?

We’ve had quite a few people leave our BU in the last few months. These were people who either had knowledge/experience or showed such promise. To say it’s put a damper on morale is an understatement. I’m starting to wonder if this is the norm here... —  read more 

Bonus PTO

Is this bonus PTO after christmas, a prep for some end-year layoffs? Or its just a sneaky way to give 'something' to the employees without an immediate impact on the cash flow?


What does work from anywhere actually mean? Would this allow working on a cruise ship balcony or at a resort in Cancun with a decent internet connection and if not, its not work from anywhere.

Amadeus Layoffs

Amadeus north america (NORAM) sent their reduction plan notice to every employee, since everyone was impacted by 4 decisions: no impact, office closure (relocate), office closure (work remote) or layoff. HR and VP had 1v1 conversation with each... —  read more 

4 Hour Town Hall

What do we think this 4 hour town hall with the CEO is about? Difficult decisions to be made and Sabre 3.0? My leader has been MIA for weeks in non stop emergency meetings for budgetingx planning the next 55 years by quarter etc

October Layoffs

Huge rumor this is the next round. Revenue is on the ground as you saw and supports the rumor. While Sabre did a zero bookings scenario for survival, it doesnt mean they will keep everyone to survive. Rumor also has it that some global offices are... —  read more 

Next Round of Layoffs

Has anyone heard when the next round of layoffs will occur and how many will be cut? With the industry suffering for the foreseeable future I'm worried that lack of revenue will put more folks out of work.

This Re-Org Is a Joke

Hey execs, Calling one silo a new silo name under a new silo'ed org is not breaking down silos. Breaking down silos would be flattening the org and removing layers of VP/SVP and TEO that blocks devops culture progress. Are you selling to new... —  read more 


Not true. You can have active Cobra and request marketplace insurance. If your crazy you can overlap insurance and have more than one active. Cobra s—s it is way too expensive.

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