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All true.... to this very day

The job eliminations are incredibly covert and include severance packages contingent on signed non-disclosures.

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T. Rowe Layoffs in 2018 targeting long term employees

T. Rowe has continued laying off during 2018 in small enough groups to avoid news coverage. Just recently a group comprised of mostly long term employees. It's pure cost cutting even though the company and stock are doing well. Mid -senior management... —  read more 

New T Rowe vision is already falling apart

This place use to be great place to work. Now it stinks. With new CTO he has his vision to scale in NY & it has already started to fall apart. 2 key resources have left the tiny NY team, and CTO came in person to ask them to stay back with the firm... —  read more 

2017 and 2018 layoffs for T Rowe Price

Do you know what the plans for the cuts are for T Rowe Price for next one or two years. What positions will be affected and is there any plan to cut resources on the IT side?

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