Topics regarding layoffs at Westinghouse

Topics regarding layoffs at Westinghouse

Tone deaf leadership

Let's see how much good talent quits due to the big wigs thinking people are more effective in the office. Forced office work is a thing of the past and management is blind as a bat having employees report to the office

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Vaccine layoff

Big surprise, they're pushing a possibly unconstitutional executive action to mandate jabs in the arm by December. No word on how they'll safeguard that personal medical information, and how they'll compensate for side effects of the experimental... —  read more 

Writing on the wall

With diversity officers, inclusion councils, and thought management roles, it is clear the focus has shifted to pandering to social movements. The change has been subtle at the company so far but gaining speed in the past year. This might not be... —  read more 

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HR Layoffs

A handful of layoffs in HR. No management... of course. I thought private equity was supposed to be ruthless; it doesn't seem much has changed since the acquisition. Still the same leadership mentality... belly up to the BAR, guys.

More gone today!

Won't hear about this on the local news (or any news). Those who are gone need to start going to the press and exposing it all. supposedly they aren't even giving you your vacation time left or anything. I have heard they aren't fighting any of... —  read more 

Too many managers

Other people have mentioned this, and it is completely true. We have too many managers on all levels in Westinghouse - and for some reason, they are always safe when it comes to layoffs. Why is that the case? Realistically, cutting some of the... —  read more 

Western Zirconium plant

Looks like since the business needs are changing they will be reducing head count. They've also communicated that by October the voluntary separations will be completed and they will have to re-evaluate to see how many folks will take the voluntary... —  read more 

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More happening today

Administrative aides were let go today. 22 of them. Document control was slashed today. More coming before end of July (two days from now). Why isn't local news on this? You'd think they would be on this?

Westinghouse top management prepares to replace US staff - cheaper "resources" in India allocated

WIEC is Now Westinghouse Cyient Oct.2018 Formerly the Westinghouse India Engineering Center (WIEC), the strategic, global partnership between Westinghouse Electric Company and Cyient Inc. is now Westinghouse Cyient. Since 2010, the team has a proven... —  read more 

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All of the so-called leaders are nothing more than bullies who hide behind their emails. Confront them and watch them cower and hide. You all deserve better than the losers you have running that place. Just remember, they’re getting paid. You’re not. —  read more 


Anyone have any idea how many people or what groups will be affected by ISPs now that the VSPs have been accepted?

Acquisition layoffs

So, how many people do we think will be laid off as part of the Brookfield Business Partners' acquisition of Westinghouse? I'm pretty sure that with the obligatory restructuring and reorganization, nobody is safe... —  read more 

You can be SURE if it's Westinghouse

As a former consulting engineer, management is clueless, the blind leading the blind. During my employment, management requested engineers to work a minimum of five non-paid hours per week. Just another way of saying "thank you for you service." The... —  read more 

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How do you deal with stress?

The continuous threat of layoffs hanging over us is stressing me out so much that it is affecting my health. I am having trouble sleeping, my blood pressure is high, and my concentration is shot to hell. Not that Westinghouse cares, of course... —  read more 

They say be dedicated

I am a victim of Westinghouse layoff, job cuts, transfers what ever you want to call it. I got my notice with 28 yrs. of service at age 51 and all that was said is your service is no longer needed. I can only feel for those who are facing these same... —  read more 

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How many more until its enough?

We already lost over 700 people, and now we are looking at 1,500 more. I read somewhere that our CEO boasted about how motivated our employees are - does he really expect us to stay motivated after this? We will have weeks of fear, wondering if it's... —  read more 

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Rock Hill impacted by furlough

Around 100 manufacturing workers at Westinghouse Electric in Rock Hill are among the victims of the closing of two nuclear plants, as they are being furloughed from their jobs. Those two closing seem to be a never-ending source of furloughs and... —  read more 

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Just look at the Circus W legacy - East Pittsburgh, Churchill R&D, Large Advanced Energy Systems and MTD, Trafford Power Circuit Breakers etc. etc. etc. Great engineers and terrible management. Cranberry Woods HQ is set for a sale. About the only... —  read more 

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