Topics regarding layoffs at The Hudson's Bay Company

Topics regarding layoffs at The Hudson's Bay Company

It's the end of an era

Think about the company what you want, but you can't deny this is the end of an era. And it's making me sadder than I ever thought I'd be. I left a few weeks ago because I managed to land a new job. But here I am, crying over this. I spent more than... — read more 

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Closing stores

How long can the bay continue to stay closed without closing stores. Do we think (when) they can reopen they will close some stores?They have far to many, and if they are layng off 600 people, there not in good shape despite what they attempt to... — read more 

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Lord & Taylor's Cuts

Retail Chain's Closure Spells Area Layoffs Mass layoffs will begin Dec. 1 for Lord & Taylor's four Massachusetts locations, as the company begins closing all its stores nationwide. Subscribe. Le Tote, Lord &... — read more 

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Lord and Taylor garden city and Manhasset locations just let go over 100 employees this month. And the people they kept... well let’s just say “ it’s not what you know , but who you know”. I’m glad I’m out, it’s a sinking ship. Good luck to those... — read more 

Ridgewood M---acre

Today 2/13/20 Ridgewood Lord and Taylor laid off almost 1/2 of employees. Gone are all the Older woman!! All think this store will be closed by June. Good luck to the people who are still employed because you are now going to work even harder... — read more 

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Layoffs August 2018

Stores in NJ are laying off and asking people to resign, as well as firing. It is happening now and their is a long list. I know of at least 3 in my store. Management seems to ignore the multiple complaints from customers because of poor staffing... — read more 

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