Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

New work schedule for TDS

Just got told TDS is gonna go 12 on 12 off. After shot deadline for federal contractors begins enforcement. Planning staff cuts for non vaxxers. Will be 5 days a week no overtime.

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Retention Bonus

Any clowns out there thinking the ICP will payout you are wrong. If you are anyone the railroad wants to retain you get a retention bonus. All other exempts get the bones. Ask around. 40-250k. They have been paying them since last year. So your math... —  read more 

It's miserable to work here

And this company is more and more miserable every day. Absolutely the worst place I’ve ever worked. The only reason people are still here is because they still haven't got another opportunity somewhere else. I don’t know if there could be any other... —  read more 

My body. My choice.

Anyone have insider info on what retaliation is coming January 4th for those of us that believe it should be my body my choice? Will the shot keep me from spreading it? No. Will the shot keep me from getting it? No. Will BNSF pay all damages if God... —  read more 

Exempt Exodus

Anyone else keep an eye on the job postings page? Seems like an unusually high amount of management positions in the field that are vacant. A lot of good leaders jumping ship before she sinks!

$300 Vaccine bribe

Seriously, $300 thats your bribe to get the vaccine BNSF? What about paying a bonus for everyone who kept your company running through the pandemic?.....In the words of a well respected retired employee...."THIS PLACE SUCKS"!

Vaccine Mandate

BNSF leadership has indicated that COVID 19 vaccinations will be mandated for employees to retain their current level of employment. Vaccinations will be administered 2nd week starting in November, but segregated by zones. Zone 7 employees will be... —  read more 


With all the bs going on I know in the BRC contract it states we cannot strike, yet we have been pushed to the way side during this whole plandemic while busting a-s to keep things moving. We strike for better pay and finally get a contract passed... —  read more 

Bye, bye employees

Everybody is leaving or trying to find a way to leave. Even the new hires who've never worked in their lives before are seeing the writing on the wall and leaving as soon as they can. Nobody sane wants to stay here longer than they have to. At this... —  read more 

September Started Layoffs

Well all the rumors are true Resource Protection started cutting jobs yesterday in Topeka and Vancouver Washington. A small number to start. 7 employees were either fired or offered positions somewhere else. I know because I am one of them on the... —  read more 

Interbay Sold

Rumor has it Interbay has been sold to either Port of Tacoma or Sound Transit for 90 million. Good luck with finding jobs there and remember the company appreciates you and sc--w your mortgages and families!

Reapplying at BNSF

I'm wondering if people who were laid off can reapply for other positions within the company? A former coworker is having trouble finding employment months after being cut and is now considering reapplying here. I think that might put his severance... —  read more 

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