Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway


With all the bs going on I know in the BRC contract it states we cannot strike, yet we have been pushed to the way side during this whole plandemic while busting a-s to keep things moving. We strike for better pay and finally get a contract passed... —  read more 

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Bye, bye employees

Everybody is leaving or trying to find a way to leave. Even the new hires who've never worked in their lives before are seeing the writing on the wall and leaving as soon as they can. Nobody sane wants to stay here longer than they have to. At this... —  read more 

September Started Layoffs

Well all the rumors are true Resource Protection started cutting jobs yesterday in Topeka and Vancouver Washington. A small number to start. 7 employees were either fired or offered positions somewhere else. I know because I am one of them on the... —  read more 

Interbay Sold

Rumor has it Interbay has been sold to either Port of Tacoma or Sound Transit for 90 million. Good luck with finding jobs there and remember the company appreciates you and sc--w your mortgages and families!

Reapplying at BNSF

I'm wondering if people who were laid off can reapply for other positions within the company? A former coworker is having trouble finding employment months after being cut and is now considering reapplying here. I think that might put his severance... —  read more 

I won't be upset if I'm laid off

I know a bunch of folks who left BNSF either on their own or were forced out and every one of them is now in a better position than they were while working here. All of them were able to find new jobs and most with better pay. But what every one of... —  read more 

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What are your options?

As a railroad electrician I am pretty confident that I will have trouble finding another solid job for a long time to come. I can’t complain much, my life choices have put me in a situation to be stuck here. I hope I can find something before the... —  read more 

I stopped worrying

I hated that I used to stress over losing my job. It got to a point that it affected my health. Then a year ago I said enough of this cr-p. I started to minimize my expenses to the bare bones which in turn bolstered my emergency funds. I’m at a point... —  read more 

EXIT strategy

I always hope for the best, but I prepare for the worst. Judging by the atmosphere in the company, I don’t remember there ever being this much tension, and I’ve been working here for over 6 years. I started looking for a new job and at the same time... —  read more 

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