Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

What Will Happen

Wonder what will happen if BNSF doesn't address the pay issues and attendance policy. Seems to me that BNSF leadership are ignorant to treating people like human beings. The economic struggle is real for many, but where do we draw the line?

STB Hearings

BNSF has fallen very far in the last 2-3 years. The STB hearings were an embarrassment to our industry, especially in listening to BNSF leaders describe it. In talking to people at BNSF, they have lost a lot of key leadership talent especially in... —  read more 

Soto's Produce Express

Big News coming out of Ouston. Derelict and mismanaged maintenance shop of horrors aka Milbs turned into thriving pot house with shipments arriving daily of lettuce. Free choo choo rides provided by UP for bulk buyers.

Whats new

Any new news on people leaving? I heard that the contracts have been talked about by the CMOS and that they say they have to do something. Worst come to worst we can all be farmers with 10 cows 2 chickens and live a meaningless life of no sleep and... —  read more 

They take us for granted

I guess leadership thinks we should be happy just because we have a job. They actually want us to feel privileged to be here. Big mistake, because it has never been easier to find another job. I’m here for a few more days, thankfully, because it’s... —  read more 

Time to leave

If we can't feel like we have job security when things are going well, imagine how it'll be when things are not as good as they are right now. Since we all know that time is coming, I think all those who decide to leave right now will be making a... —  read more 

6 Billion Dollar Profits

Reading Berkshire’s annual report, and BNSF cleared over 6 Billion in profits. Did I mention it was also record profits? You wouldn’t know that from upper management. Continued talk about it being a “tough year.” Clearly that was lip service to... —  read more 

How bad is it?

Quit from mechanical several months ago but still have friends on the inside. Rumor is that exempts are being tasked with the menial work due to so many people quiting. How is it where you are?

The worst employer

I'm wondering how much better is BNSF as an employer than Union Pacific, which is known to everyone as the worst place to be working at? It doesn't seem to be much better here either?

Retention Bonus

Any clowns out there thinking the ICP will payout you are wrong. If you are anyone the railroad wants to retain you get a retention bonus. All other exempts get the bones. Ask around. 40-250k. They have been paying them since last year. So your math... —  read more 

My body. My choice.

Anyone have insider info on what retaliation is coming January 4th for those of us that believe it should be my body my choice? Will the shot keep me from spreading it? No. Will the shot keep me from getting it? No. Will BNSF pay all damages if God... —  read more 

Exempt Exodus

Anyone else keep an eye on the job postings page? Seems like an unusually high amount of management positions in the field that are vacant. A lot of good leaders jumping ship before she sinks!

$300 Vaccine bribe

Seriously, $300 thats your bribe to get the vaccine BNSF? What about paying a bonus for everyone who kept your company running through the pandemic?.....In the words of a well respected retired employee...."THIS PLACE SUCKS"!

Vaccine Mandate

BNSF leadership has indicated that COVID 19 vaccinations will be mandated for employees to retain their current level of employment. Vaccinations will be administered 2nd week starting in November, but segregated by zones. Zone 7 employees will be... —  read more 

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