Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

MT/EFLS Program

The BNSF Management Trainee Program is a scam. It is marketed as an elevated program with a lot of potential and growth. I did not experience that at all. In my 6 years as a foreman, I received 4 years of "exceeds" overall performance and only one... —  read more 

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Continued resignations

Getting pretty hard to do things mechanically when folks keep walking away from BNSF. When will BNSF wake up a fill positions instead of abolish jobs and require more with less

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Bernie Bernie

Bernie talking about getting those 7 sick days into the contract forced on us. The railroads will regin down he77 on attendance policies in retribution no doubt, making it impossible to take any days off by the 7 forced on them

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UP changes te&y attendance policy UP changes te&y attendance policy . Not sure if UP will let you click on this link.

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700 quit

I read that 700 BNSF train crew people quit because of hi viz attendance policy. Is that true ?

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No vote

It's a no vote for me on the proposed contract. I support the train crews who need a better working schedule.

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It's simple, all you got to do is VOTE

If you like the agreement, vote for it. Or if you dislike, maybe want to include a little bit add ons, vote to reject. How hard is it. So sad to see union trash talking and individuals moans about bent over shafted.

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That's railroad life

Those of you who are surprised that everything here is not ideal, that you are not valued enough, I really don't know what you expected when you applied for a job here!? Those who have been in this industry for a long time know that all railroad... —  read more 

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Sorry, but you are screeeweeddd

Congrats, Just by reading this and your poorly decisions upon voting, hoping for the better news or what you want for yourself, you are a number among the barcode of that company owns you, doing what they want you to, you have lost your... —  read more 

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Pay and Policy

BS ‘policy’ for exempts and probably union: “You received an exceeds/far exceeds (insert random timeframe ago) so we aren’t allowed to give you that this year.” I’ve heard everything from 1-4 years on this for myself and others. This was... —  read more 

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What Will Happen

Wonder what will happen if BNSF doesn't address the pay issues and attendance policy. Seems to me that BNSF leadership are ignorant to treating people like human beings. The economic struggle is real for many, but where do we draw the line?

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STB Hearings

BNSF has fallen very far in the last 2-3 years. The STB hearings were an embarrassment to our industry, especially in listening to BNSF leaders describe it. In talking to people at BNSF, they have lost a lot of key leadership talent especially in... —  read more 

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