Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

Topics regarding layoffs at BNSF Railway

2021 layoffs: timetable

The beginning of this year is not promising at all. It would not surprise me if there happen to be many more dismissals by the end of the year. I hope for the best, but I expect the worst. Uncertainty is bad enough. Does anyone have any insights... —  read more 


Anyone else worried about her slashing a bunch of people? I’ve heard talk of comparing how many people UP uses in mechanical and other departments vs what we use. Like questions of why we have so many more employees.

Corona is here to stay

UP got a bonus. We got a mask mandate. "You can't take away my dag gum constitutional rights" They did. Only 2 people out of 400 employees had the gonads to protest. Merry Christmas my fellow Covid deniers! Enjoy your masks!

Are we doing well?

In terms of our competitors, does anyone think we are doing well regarding layoffs? I haven’t heard a peep since the last round, which was marginal compared to other companies. I think leadership is trying to keep their employees working despite the... —  read more 


Just read that Union Pacific is giving a one thousand dollar bonus to its employees, I bet uncle Warren doesn’t give us one! Any takers?

The rail industry

It looks like things are going to get real ugly just due to this pandemic and the election year plus the state the economy is in right now. Plus rail traffic is so low right now its not even funny. Hope ya'll survive this horse c-ap. Has anyone... —  read more 

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More info on layoffs

North Yard FTW IAM-18 employees, IBEW-15 employees, BRC- 8 employees, NCFO- 1 employee. Barstow Apprentices- IAM- 15 employees, IBEW- 5 employees. Silsbee- IAM- 8 employees, IBEW- 6 employees, BRC- 9 employees, NCFO- 6 employees. Argentine... —  read more 

Masacre monday

Last Monday 30 engineering supervisors from the Signal department were let go. Rumor is that there will be more cuts today in the track and structures department. It’s not worth working here anymore fifteen years and it took them five minutes to let... —  read more 

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