Topics regarding layoffs at Cloudera

Topics regarding layoffs at Cloudera

Why did we buy Eventador?

Any insight into this move? Are we trying to get sold or not? This move doesn't make sense to me at all.

No Sales equals no moneys

The cycle has started, layoff sales, the pipeline dries up. With no revenue coming in from new sales, layoffs have to occur, marketing gets cut as excess administration costs, R&D stops, no new products. You can watch it die on the vine, since you... —  read more 

Can we have a do-over?

Can we call back people who were laid off last week and actually get rid of those who should have been cut a long time ago for being completely useless? Can we for once actually lay off the right people (or better yet, fire them because they sure as... —  read more 

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This only made things worse

This merger didn't fix anything that was broken. It only made it worse. Sales leadership 2x+ prices for customers and are now trying to bleed customers on a "capacity" based pricing model. Hell, this goes against why anyone would use... —  read more 

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All I’m going to say is that after the merger, I am disappointed to see the work culture at the newly formed company. I was a Hortonworks employee and the work culture at Cloudera is quite negative and unpleasant. I also want to say that this is... —  read more 

Rumors of layoffs in July

After MAPR officially closes it's doors in June, Cloudera MGMT is already talking about jettisoning another 220 employees. Mostly from sales and PS. Expect an announcement here shortly. Analysts are expecting 10-15% less revenue and Cloudera is... —  read more 

And... the losses keep piling up...

Nearly a dozen more field sales hands headed for the door and recruiters can't find bodies to backfill. Sounds like Cloudera has nearly purged all the Hortonworks staff from upper management roles (except for a token few) and the Cx0 level spots are... —  read more 

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Layoffs 2018 @ Cloudera

Every team in every location has been impacted by the layoffs over summer 2018, even engineering (but mostly Sales, HR, Marketing). Many left on by choice after that, too.

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