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Hy-Vee is in trouble.

Hy-Vee is in trouble and thanks to the "Virus" it has been delayed but it's just a matter of time before they file for bankruptcy. Just wait........

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Wages cut and jobs

My husband had just found out he has to take an $8.00 an hour pay cut and become a stocker after working at a central bakery as Asst. Mgr. This during Coronavirus when they’re making record sales. WTH!? This is what Hy-Vee does to dedicated, hard... —  read more 

Hy-Vee can and should do better than this

Come on Hy-Vee! Get your act together! Since Covid 19 started, there have been record sales increases company wide. The measly 10% bonus you "handed out" was pathetic. Maybe the top paid employees actually benefited from it? It was a complete joke to... —  read more 

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Forced to wear Face Masks?

A notice was posted today in my store that as of Monday April 27th all employees have to wear a face mask , one provided by hyvee or their own. No training, No medical exam. Nothing. This isn't right, it should be my choice not Randy's.

Stores coping after fulfillment closure?

Just curious how stores are dealing with the increased online orders. Noticed one store lacked space and now has a container building for pick-up storage. Full pallets sitting outside of the building. It looks like a mess, not a good first impression... —  read more 

Are there any others in this boat?

I was offered cobra insurance after my demotion. Long story short there have been issues filing my paperwork. Every person kept pointing the finger at everyone else. To correct it, I was forced to sign away my cobra insurance. There are still... —  read more 

Has Hy-vee been sold???

I have noticed , in the last week or so, Krogers has been advertising for help needed in many areas in Iowa. Hmmmm......I wonder what is going on? The last I knew they didn't have any stores in Iowa. Come on Randy...enlighten us. What are you up to... —  read more 

Does corporate greed have any bounds?

Amid this so called covid-19 pandemic, a company who can't even keep the basics like bread, rice, milk on the shelves is looking to expand curbside meal service via expensive baskets and burgers, while at the same time, bragging about their aisles... —  read more 

Hy-Vee so-called protection for checkers.

According to my wife who works at Hy-Vee, the shields they have in place for protection are not really adequate for protection from the customers. So once again Hy-Vee doesn't think ahead and ask themselves, is this really protecting our employees or... —  read more 

Coronavirus Procedures/Exposures

If you are aware of stores with employees testing positive for COVID-19, and other employees who may have been exposed are not being notified, please state the store location so state officials can be notified. Do not be afraid to save lives. Failure... —  read more 

Glad I jumped ship.

I was hired at Hy-Vee a few years ago and was told I would be the Catering Manager as soon as all the new renovations were complete (they told me two months tops). In the meantime I was doing manager training and checking and other odd jobs to get my... —  read more 

What are Coronavirus procedures?

I thought workplaces were notifying employees of someone was infected. I just found out several people in my department are out for quarantine and no one notified any employees that we might be at risk. Is this okay?

Employee "Protection"

Had to laugh when shopping at local store yesterday, they wasted who know how much on these protection "shields" These things are 2 foot wide, cover maybe 10 percent of the checklane. Don't they realize, customers are standing behind the cashier... —  read more 

HY-VEE be a follower. (as usual)

Hy-Vee has no vision, never has, but the one time they need to be a follower, they aren't. c'mon give your employees who are risking there health and their families a raise like other grocery retailers, c'mon you know you won't come up with anything... —  read more 

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Hy-Vee hiring

I see hyvee is now hiring temporary, part time employees. Maybe if they hadn’t “eliminated “ so many experienced, full time employees they wouldn’t have to be hiring right now. Oh wait— they don’t have to spend money on insurance this way. Real... —  read more 

Book writer

Anyone know what happened to the post that was here yesterday from someone who was going to write a book?

Matter of time

Matter of time before someone gets sick. Not just hy-vee but any grocery store. We aren't protected at all. Nobody seems to care.

Funny what gets your job taken away

As a dependable employee, I find it funny that I get my hours, pay, and benefits taken away, mainly because I was not the quickest at my job, or maybe I was not one of the directors "guys" But I did not miss work and did what I was asked. I would... —  read more 

It is such a shame

It is such a shame that Hy-Vee has had to stoop so low as to treat some of their very long-term, loyal employees in the way they did. Two weeks of severance after 33 years? No notice? Immediate termination of insurance? Sure, you can get COBRA... —  read more 

Swift karma for corporate greed

Hy-vee execs decide to cut hundreds of jobs, and reduce the hours of hundreds of others, all in past month, then 5 days ago, the biggest run on grocery stores in modern times occurs....and continues. Absolutely astounding how karma has the last... —  read more 

TWO THINGS-sick leave and Sales

WILL HYVEE follow in walmarts footsteps and provide a sick leave policy should a location close due to exposure(this will happen in next 2 weeks..guaranteed...). TWO- i imagine many stores will celebrate a RECORD SALES this past week, Edeker will... —  read more 

hyvee doesnt care about our health

there is a pandemic going on and they wont even supply cashiers with face masks. if you're working up front, you're at great risk. i doubt they will even offer paid leave if this gets worse

Dear Hy-Vee: What not to do

Don't force full-time employees to stay after work an hour or two for a basic cheerleading session. That is not the way to win their hears. . . oopsie. Too late.


So corporate is reading these, trying to defend themselves. One commented that the current employees are making this worse. Also one comment stated by a corporate employee said that they are not getting fired. I just need to remind corporate that... —  read more 

Results from a meeting at my store

First of alll, take this as you will - our district store director conducted this meeting and based on his mannerisms the way he spoke that he didnt know really what was going on either. He seemed unsure about everything he said. So what he did... —  read more 

Is this true?

I have heard Hy-Vee has some vendors not getting paid. Has anyone else heard if HY-VEE has not been paying bills. Also Hy-Vee has 7 corporate planes cessna 525A and a cessna 525B are the two corporate jets along with several other twin engine planes... —  read more 

Reorganize and restructure

I respect that Hyvee has the right to reorganize and restructure. I resent how they have done this in such an unethical manner. Employees were suddenly terminated (s—er punched) mid-shift and without warning after repeatedly being told their... —  read more 

Hy-Vee W2 Form

Where can I get my Hy-Vee W2 form. I left in November 2019. On my own, I was not fired or laid off. I liked it here. However, they told me I should be getting the form by February 2020, but now I still did not get that W2. Do you know who may help me... —  read more 

Throw in the towel

The best thing for Hyvee right now is for Randy to step down. Get a CEO that knows what they are doing. If you want to save your business Hyvee...let Randy go.

For the people by the people

This great country was built on this basic principal and it was reflected in all works of life including business. The power has slowly moved away from the people and we are living with the result of too much power at the top. Decisions become... —  read more 

Obviously corporate has commented on here...

Corporate, stop. People can say what they want. Did you think no one would be mad about this? Would you like to be let go with no health insurance and 2 weeks severance? What makes you think this was okay? You know this isnt going to blow over. So... —  read more 

Bye bye hyvee

I was a customer. Since you got rid of one of your long term employees, I can no longer shop at any Hyvee again. How sad.

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