Topics regarding layoffs at Kemper Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at Kemper Insurance

Q4 Call

“Auto-focused insurer Kemper has reported a swing to operating profit for Q4 with results that included a 9.8 point improvement in its underlying specialty property casualty combined ratio, with its CEO stating “we are clearly on the path to return... — read more 

Flo is hiring! Come join us!

I'm so sorry to all who were impacted by this. The manner in which it was done is appalling. I can tell you that Flo is hiring, and that kind of garbage doesn't happen here. Best of luck to you all.

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Is this how it's done?

I got a pre recorded video instead of a phone call Please tell me somebody is trolling and this is not how layoffs are done. I can't imagine a more insulting way to get rid of loyal, long-term employees than to not even bother to talk to them. A... — read more 

Laid off

They called everyone into a teams meeting and played a pre recorded message saying if you are on the meeting your position was terminated. We get paid until the end of the month. I was there for 3 years and only get tell weeks Severance pay. Was... — read more 

“Reduction in Force”

They sent an email with a recording letting us know there was a “reduction in force” aka lay off! I’ve been with the company 4+ years - no write ups or warning. My metrics and numbers all at meets and somehow I was let go. They did the mass layoff in... — read more 

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What happened?

My best to those that got layed off. Hoping to get out soon myself. What happened today with layoffs? Any idea on their rational, how it went down? How many effected?

Cerritos Ca,

Kemper layed me off today, no warning at all just a 10 minute live stream video. They even hired extra security to escort employees out. Thanks Kemper for firing 2 pregnant women at your Cerritos office.


I feel terrible for the people let go. Agree some was likely performance based and probably needed to be let go, but some good people in the mix that didn’t deserve it. Sorry this happened the way it did.

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National General is hiring

Sorry to hear that you guys got laid off like that. It’s horrible. National General has 100s of open positions doe to the recent merger. Over 250 open FNOl, auto claims reps, auto field appraisers. Ect.

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What now?

First of all, I feel sorry for everyone who is affected, I hope that everyone will get better jobs soon. I'm now wondering how this will all work further because my team has lost great people who did the most work. It will be a shortstaffed... — read more 

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A lesson for those who stay

The way these layoffs were managed is a good lesson for those who remain. This place does not appreciate your loyalty, hard work, skills or dedication to your job. We are all just a number here. You should always keep this in mind while updating... — read more 

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Act like an owner. Or not.

Kemper’s core value specifically encourages employees to Act Like An Owner. Speaking up and asking for assistance to help find a solution for problems is not what they meant by Act Like an Owner, apparently.

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