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Major layoffs at Kemper last week

Almost 200 let go last week alone! A lot more to come. At least everyone knows now, no more keeping secrets about the layoffs. Same old AAA, another year, more layoffs. Bumped from @TaMRcqu-80asm for info. It would be great if somebody could... —  read more 

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CSAA Insurance layoffs 2018

Auto field staff to be reduced 50% minimum. Half this year and half next at the latest. Primarily in California. Not a rumor. This has already been decided by CSAA. First announcement very soon, but no later than 8/1/18, likely much sooner. Just a... —  read more 

No layoffs at Kemper, for now (Chicago)

Some other companies here in Chicago are having cuts - this makes us nervous as well. I hope things stabilize soon and that there will be no jobs lost in 2018. Good luck to all!!!

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