Topics regarding layoffs at Kemper Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at Kemper Insurance


I feel terrible for the people let go. Agree some was likely performance based and probably needed to be let go, but some good people in the mix that didn’t deserve it. Sorry this happened the way it did.

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What now?

First of all, I feel sorry for everyone who is affected, I hope that everyone will get better jobs soon. I'm now wondering how this will all work further because my team has lost great people who did the most work. It will be a shortstaffed... —  read more 

Act like an owner. Or not.

Kemper’s core value specifically encourages employees to Act Like An Owner. Speaking up and asking for assistance to help find a solution for problems is not what they meant by Act Like an Owner, apparently.

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CSAA Insurance layoffs 2018

Auto field staff to be reduced 50% minimum. Half this year and half next at the latest. Primarily in California. Not a rumor. This has already been decided by CSAA. First announcement very soon, but no later than 8/1/18, likely much sooner. Just a... —  read more 

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