Topics regarding layoffs at Shopify

Topics regarding layoffs at Shopify

PIP survivors

I am not on PIP, but all the people I know who were, are no longer in this company. It seems that a miracle should happen here for someone to survive PIP?

Lack of true leadership

I am disgusted. Are they actually trying to blame us for everything bad that happens in this company? Can they ever take responsibility, at least partially? This indicates the lack of good leadership, without which, I'm afraid, the company will... —  read more 

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How will it happen?

Are people already being notified? Is everybody going to know now or will they spread it out and have us worry and stress over it for who knows how long? This isn't just 50 people (not that I'm minimizing their layoffs) but we're talking thousands... —  read more 

We knew this was coming

After the last set of cuts, everybody should have seen this coming. Things are only getting worse, not better. I'd like to think this will be the end of it but even after the 10 percent is cut I still won't be able to relax. Maybe being laid off... —  read more 

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Get out if you can

If I had learned I was laid off I would have been overjoyed. Shopify has changed so much in a short time that I can't even recognize it as the company I used to enjoy working at anymore. The culture has shifted and is now a toxic mess of... —  read more 

Layoffs have been ongoing

It was mentioned before but I'll say it again. These layoffs have been ongoing for several months and they are much larger than most think. The latest round got media attention for some reason but it's far from the only (or even largest) round... —  read more 

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We are still hiring

I do not think there will be layoffs. I think the market will start to recover and things will improve for everyone. A lot of people wiht options got screwed, it's not a happy sight.

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