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Expect more departures

Personally I'm interviewing, I think the general populous knows the outcome that is going to occur so that is why the board has slowed. In the next few months you can expect more departures both voluntarily and involuntarily at the LT level and below... read more

Talk about a U-turn

How did we go from having one of the most secure and laid back jobs (not in a sense of not having to work, but in a sense of not having to worry about too many things if we did our job well) to this hotbed of frustration, uncertainty and stress so... read more

Where is OPG?

Was he Rif’ed..... This site isn’t that interesting without him.

FIght the fight where it matters!!!

This board is about employees finding a common place where they can vent together. I guess sort of like therapy. You cannot complain or vent your fears at the work place so this would be the next best place. This isn't a team building site or a place... read more

CSP are in a precarious position

I will say - if you are a CSP, you're in a precarious position. When I started at SG, management was dedicated to retention. I worked with CSPs and I worked directly with customers. At that time, I managed every concern the customer had and I was... read more

Who is OPG?

You want to know who I am? I think you no the answer. I am the employee that has put in the time over many years that wants the payoff. I am the employee that joined the team last Q and is now invested in driving results. I am the executive that... read more

Staying or going?

In all seriousness, of current employees, are you going to stay and see how things play out or are you actively looking for another job?

Time to take advantage of our opportunity.

The time is now. We must take advantage of our opportunity. For the first time in many years we are in the position for success. healthy economy growing target market with committed partnership with the largest provider of hyper scale compute (Aws)... read more


It’s official, we have a new CEO Sungard AS also announced the appointment of Michael (Mike) K. Robinson as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Robinson will succeed Andrew A. Stern, who served as CEO for nine years... read more

Stern out Robinson in?

So they were grooming him for the past month, according to Stern's email. Wow, they just keep us in the dark up to the last possible minute. I don't believe anything that comes out of corps mouth, nothing!

Turn the page

We are out people!!! Looking forward to the future. Like I said, remain focused and positive. We will realize our potential in the market. It’s our turn now. Thanks, One Positive Guy

What the heck

So I was forwarded this link to read cause I was wondering if there is any news regarding today.., an hour later I have read all the posts and reply’s. I now have one question. Who is OPG? Is it Andy? Is it a marketing person? Thoughts?

Why are we still hiring?

Why are there available job posting at Sungard AS right now? Why isn't there a hiring freeze considering what's been going on? What's the point of bringing in new people when we know major layoffs are only a matter of time? This makes very little... read more

Dangerous cycle

Given sgas has not identified any new game changing approach to grow share, the only thing left to grow top line revenue is massive price reductions.... this will lead to more layoffs to reduce cost... dangerous cycle... either sgas gets bought for... read more

Big Week this week!!

I am happy to hear we continue to make progress against the proceedings. Please be cautious if your speaking to customers or partners. Even though we expect to emerge very quickly there are still elements outside of our control that could impact... read more

Stern’s golden parachute

Given that this is the 2nd company he bankrupted he should be made to run the gauntlet - not given a large sum of money
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What company do you keep?

First I would like to thank (most) of you for all of the kindly worded insults and misguided attempts of guessing who I am. The truth is I find them intriguing . You see, I read your attempts of slander and misinformation as insight into what the... read more

Susan lynch expense report emails

Lynch and the other bozos do not adhere to the expense report policie. I see it every day. the limits imposed for meals and travel are not followed by Lynch, stern. Trust me when I say this. As Dwight would say “ FACT. Lynch is a hypocrite.”

Will you ever be satisfied?

Why do you continue to perpetuate negativity and spread rumors? Today you have heard of all the traction made by your co-workers and the progress they are making as we embark on the next chapter for this company. Instead of celebrating them and... read more

Any news on the UK sale?

It's been a while but I have not heard anything about the sale of the UK company. About a month ago a poster who correctly had the inside line about the bankruptcy also said the sale of the UK was in the works and all a matter of time and paperwork... read more

Is anyone seriously buying this b---s---?

Stern’s call today was typical Stern. “We are strong. We are doing incredible”. Blah blah. b---s---. I love how the mentions of the awesomeness of the LT. Very hard to listen to. I hope everyone still there is getting out. It will be sold off bit by... read more

We are turning the corner!!!

Great work to all who have contributed to the recent success and momentum for such a great results. Lots to be excited and positive about!!! Be part of the change!! One Positive Guy

Time to head out

Now is the time for everybody at Sungard AS to start looking for a new job. No matter what happens, this will never be the company it once was, and it'll just be a matter of time before something like this happens again. My honest advice is to update... read more

Funny Money

18 months ago - "gotta make the books look better for creditors, let's pay people to leave." This week - "gotta make our story look better for purchasers, people are leaving, let's pay them half of their sales comp to stay." The irony is hilarious. 😂

Don’t be surprised!!!

Listen I don’t work at SGAS anymore. I left to go to what I thought was a better place. I was an avid reader and contributor to the posts on this site and quite frankly let it influence me way too much. After being in several roles since SGAS I am... read more

Things are looking up

The end result of the chapter 11 filing is that roughly 2/3 of SunGard's debt will be relieved. Without that debt burden things are looking up. SunGard's new owners understand that SunGard's value lies in the services that SunGard offers as opposed... read more

What's happening at Sungard AS right now?

My dad works there, and he's been a nervous wreck lately whenever I call, but he refuses to admit anything is wrong. I know there were some layoffs and talk of bankruptcy, but for some reason I thought things have settled down this week. Am I wrong?... read more

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