Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

SGAS is circling the drain

SGAS is circling the drain, it’s pretty obvious. You all need to leave as soon as you can, on your own terms. Management is only concerned with numbers, not people. And they have proven over the years that they are not able to right the ship that... —  read more 

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Severance time

How many people are here just because they were hoping for severance pay? I don’t know how good that is, given that it’s questionable how smart it is to miss a solid offer because of severance. Some say they are satisfied and some that they are not... —  read more 

almost no work to do

My colleagues are optimistic people who think we won't get cut, however, we have almost no work to do! I’m not exactly a workaholic, but this has become worrying because I don’t believe Sungard will continue to pay people who don’t have work to do... —  read more 

It's over

You can twist it anyway you like managers can say whatever they want to say CEO can say whatever he wants to say the bottom line is they can't say I'm losing money in buckets so take picture any way you want at the bottom line is it's over just a... —  read more 

Honestly, are you busy?

I don’t know, maybe some people are overwhelmed with work, but in my case, I wish I was busier. I've never had less work to do. Once upon a time, I would have looked forward to periods when I had less work to do, but now it's not like that at all and... —  read more 

I am curious

I worked for the Inside Sales team in Wayne a few years back. Had a few roles with them. They had a great team with an awesome culture. Are they still around? They always performed well so I have to imagine by now it’s the biggest sales team. —  read more 

What if (Comdisco}

I was with Comdisco prior to it being taken over by SG. Wonder what would have happened with the company if NP wouldn't have managed it down the sh-----. They treated their employees well, over time paid time and a half and countless other benefits... —  read more 

Today Broke Me

I try to work hard to support the customers we have left and the good employees trying to help them, but we have soo many horrible employees it's impossible. From sales teams driven by managers who don't give an F%$# about what is suitable for the... —  read more 


Upper upper upper management is a joke the only thing they're trying to sell is you on believing they're trying to sell product

To believe or not?

As an employee of SG - the animals are running the zoo. So many things day-to-day that I could comment on. Believe it or not, there's still a core group of people who care and they handle the issues that they can. That being said, it feels like a... —  read more 

Layoff day

Another day, another lay off. My number came up today. Box coming tomorrow. Relieved to be out of the sinking ship, but feel for my coworkers and friends leaving behind.

Our products

It seems to me that those at the top care more about everything other than having a product that someone would want to buy? They don't seem to have any vision at all. Without a good product it is impossible to hope for anything good. It is sad how... —  read more 


More layoffs more lost customer's and upper management says nothing. Except here is your pink slip!! What is next? Can't be good. But then again it's irrelevant.

Trying to save a job

I ask out of curiosity: is anyone trying to keep their job in this joke of a company? It’s nice to go to a better company, but I can’t believe that those who are expecting layoffs and have no other option are not even trying to keep their current... —  read more 

I miss the old days

I miss the days when people were not jumping for joy if they found a new job and were able to leave this place. It wasn't always like this. I remember when people actually liked coming to work and were not daydreaming about being laid off. It makes... —  read more 

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