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Chaos and uncertainty

I’ve managed to work for Sungard for 4 years without getting laid off, but sometimes I wish that I was. The pressure of working every day with the thought that it could be your last is not an easy thing to cope with for years. It’s obvious that the... read more

Damage Control on Glassdoor

Looks like there's an effort on Glassdoor to blow sunshine up potential recruits back ends. A "Current Director" recently posted that SgAS is "A Wonderful Place to work - Even in Tough Times!" along with some 4-5 star reviews from the crack team in... read more

Lean Six Sigma

Did anyone think that Lean Six Sigma C-ap was really going to help with this company ? Talk about a waste of energy an money.
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As anon as this is

Why hide anything at this point? You are here and only you will know who dropped it. 3k employees left I guess. Do the right thing.

Serious Software Development

I'm in sales. Customers tell me (actually they yell at me) that support is so horrible. I know I'm targeted, I just can't sell a dead product. Do we even have serious development? Do developers even exist at Sungard AS? Customers ask about APIs and I... read more

Employee engagement survey

Sales are falling off a cliff. What to do? I know, take an employee engagement survey. More than 1900 employees responded, and what do we learn? Employees in India are happy. We're hiring lots of them and they get big raises at review time. Employees... read more

Another SVP of Sales Inbound - Seriously??

The stuffed suit in charge of company sales just announced he's hired another SVP into the Sales group. Like one more SVP of sales is going to make a difference. This AL has to be being paid on the number of SVPs and VPs he can hire before the... read more

The stars are aligning in September

Quite a few team org changes and word of remaining veteran sales management getting pushed out the door seem to be pointing to big changes and a new wave of layoffs in early September just after Labor Day. Sales look as dismal as ever with the weekly... read more

"RIF" Lynch wins a Silver Award

So first we're asked to vote for SgAS for "Employer of the Year" by our delusional leaders. When in fact SgAS could have easily run away with the "Unemployer of the Year" award. Now to add insult to injury or salt to an open wound, S. "RIF" Lynch... read more

Employer of the Year???.......HA HA HA HA!!

Just got an email asking us to vote for Sungard AS as Employer of the Year. Msg to Sungard AS management --> Look at the ways you've decimated this company over the last 12-18 months. Layoffs, budget cuts, outsourcing, etc, etc, etc. Employer of the... read more

Layoffs at Sungard are always happening

The layoffs are still happening. They are just smaller in number so they fly under the radar. They actually have a blanket RIF for the year and they are bucketing everyone into it. There are at least 12 people laid off after every quarter end and... read more

This really shouldn't surprise anyone

Without a sales team interested in selling, without a product team interested in innovating, without a support team interested in supporting Sungard AS will continue to spiral out of control until it hits bottom. I would be surprised if the Private... read more
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BUy out?

Rumor has it that Equinox or another unnamed co. may buy? I thought we were dead in the water and wouldn't be worth much!?

Any news on layoffs?

Very little chatter on layoffs lately, which should usually be taken as a good sign, but I'm starting to worry it's a case of calm before a storm. Do we have any indication on when the nest round might take place? This is Sungard, so I'm sure... read more

I hear they're at it again

This time the SAP team. Gone as of May 1. Outsourced to M-Land. Is the Oracle next? We thought it was finally over, but Giggles & Co. are still cutting like mad. They must be having issues making their debt payments again. What's the matter, too many... read more

Operation Outsourcing

/sarcasm Operation Outsourcing is great we should double down on it, although instead of India and Costa Rica we ought to think outside the box and maybe go with a war-torn countries motif to keep things interesting //sarcasm

666 Reviews

Glassdoor currently has 666 reviews for Sungard AS. How appropriate.

Andy and Susan - You Screwed it all up!!

You two should be ashamed. You took an amazing company full of loyal caring employees and turned it into a den of disloyalty and house of sadness. I left not because I wanted to, but because I felt I had to. Everything that would have saved SGAS is... read more

UK Sales People now in Crosshairs

All 27 UK Sales headcount with targets, on consultation this week, with 7 heads to go....completely untenable, you cant grow a business with no sales people, ladder pulled up..floating adrift, will sink soon

18 months to get it done

With all the changes SGAS is very lean now and has cut the overhead so in the long run people who are left in my opinion will make serious money the Brand itself is worth a fortune and with moving offshore it creates free clash flow at a minimum cost... read more

February 2018 Sungard layoffs

Looks like I was right ..., more layoffs today That’s 4 rounds of layoffs since December and not a peep from management Okay, this was posted on Thursday, but I haven't heard anything about layoffs last week. Anybody else knows what's going on? Is... read more

What a joke

What a joke of a place this has become, hardly any staff left and all senior managers in the UK have now gone. Listening to Andy 'Bilko - giggling' Stern on the kick-off really took the biscuit....the man and all his underlings should be taken... read more


Sungard heading in the right direction great kickoff and good times let the good times roll again.

Layoffs again

Well Philadelphia got hit more layoffs today. DR guys. This is not good when will it end. Chapter 11 is the only answer.

More layoffs to come

Anyone care to venture a guess? 2-3 weeks? Nobody left to adequately support the customer. One would have to be a total moron to actually think the new “global support” model is going to work. Using cheap labor in India is not what is going to keep... read more

Oh how the mighty have fallen, "Me Too"

And one more thing to add to the mix. Sungard AS has gotten rid of a lot of women in recent years. Debrief chats with many of them revealed some type of s-xual harassment and discrimination. There is a large possibility of a class action law suit... read more

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