Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

How to succeed at SGAS

Don't bother working hard. There's no need. All you have to do is make sure to compliment your boss each day on how great they are, how their ideas are amazing, and how that PowerPoint presentation they made was captivating. That's it. Each time you... —  read more 

No one misses working here

I'm thinking, one should be very unlucky to end up feeling nostalgic for his or her job here. I hope there isn't anyone like that? My experience here is such that after quit I want to instantly forget that I ever worked here.

Recruiting continues

SMH. HG on LinkedIn recruiting for a Sr. Program manager. Forget who would take it, but instead of laying off so many people, they couldn't transition one of the many into that role so they could keep their job? I hope anyone who applies for a job... —  read more 

Not giving severance?

I can’t believe they plan to stop giving severance pay like some people are saying. Do you think such a scenario will happen? ....... If they change the severance policy, it will be my last day here.

Completely calm

I used to worry about being cut and I was very anxious, but now I am completely calm. It’s not worth worrying about something that can’t be changed. Moreover, I think I would like to be on the layoff list because I am sick of this company without any... —  read more 


Sooooo many Sungard folks. We've had big cuts before, but the company was so lean, this one cut way to deep. This BU idea, left orgs empty. All of NA work now down to groups of 4, all of UK to be cut in half...i can't even speak. No town hall meeting... —  read more 

Growing a career

I’m a little disappointed with the progress of my career at SGAS and I'm planning to leave. I thought more effort was needed and that hard work would pay off, but it wasn't the case. Is it possible anymore to grow a career here at all? It looks to me... —  read more 

If anyone is looking

I left a while ago and already looking for a new opportunity due to my manager and the inappropriate remarks he makes daily. It's so bad, I'm reporting him to HR when I leave. My advice to you all; do your due diligence on your next opportunity... —  read more 

Severance time

How many people are here just because they were hoping for severance pay? I don’t know how good that is, given that it’s questionable how smart it is to miss a solid offer because of severance. Some say they are satisfied and some that they are not... —  read more 

almost no work to do

My colleagues are optimistic people who think we won't get cut, however, we have almost no work to do! I’m not exactly a workaholic, but this has become worrying because I don’t believe Sungard will continue to pay people who don’t have work to do... —  read more 

It's over

You can twist it anyway you like managers can say whatever they want to say CEO can say whatever he wants to say the bottom line is they can't say I'm losing money in buckets so take picture any way you want at the bottom line is it's over just a... —  read more 

Honestly, are you busy?

I don’t know, maybe some people are overwhelmed with work, but in my case, I wish I was busier. I've never had less work to do. Once upon a time, I would have looked forward to periods when I had less work to do, but now it's not like that at all and... —  read more 

I am curious

I worked for the Inside Sales team in Wayne a few years back. Had a few roles with them. They had a great team with an awesome culture. Are they still around? They always performed well so I have to imagine by now it’s the biggest sales team. —  read more 

What if (Comdisco}

I was with Comdisco prior to it being taken over by SG. Wonder what would have happened with the company if NP wouldn't have managed it down the sh-----. They treated their employees well, over time paid time and a half and countless other benefits... —  read more 

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