Sungard Availability Services Layoffs

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You Down with OPG?

To all those that question my employment... Yes I am still here. To all those that question my outlook... Yes I am still positive. To all those that question my commitment... Yes I am still committed 100%. My Employment: I work for a firm that... —  read more 

Status of UK Team?

I'm no longer with SGAS, but was there for a long long time. Did layoffs happen in UK? Just wondering cuz I thought UK was the one bright spot and heard they might be spun off at some point. Thx.

Crotty has left the building!

He was brought in less than 1 year ago, now he's gone. Anyone know the inside scoop as to why a high-ranking sales and marketing executive like BC left? Or did he get fed up with the losing proposition called "Sungard Availability Services"?

A self destructive mess

New leadership team are either setting up the books for a sale, or they have been infected with some bizarre brain disease. Customers are deeply unhappy and voice their concerns to their utterly exhausted Service Delivery Managers. Message from the... —  read more 

Career-k--ler place to work

If you get an interview at SunGard, ask this one question: what are my prospects for career advancement? Answer: zero. If you want to have a job for 6 to 12 months (tops) and then be sacked with no warning, then this is the place for you.

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