Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

Essential personnel.

Complete and total disregard for DCO. People get Covid like crazy and not a word from above. Just keep coming in. Don't worry if you get covid you can use your vacation time while the rest of us stay home. You should all be ashamed for the way you... —  read more 

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Holiday wishes!

With MR donating the cash saved from ridiculous garbage like stupid holiday parties to the Red Cross, can we assume our raises are going/went to the same place? BOY AM I EXCITED FOR THE ALL-BUNS-ON-TOILET SALES KICKOFF SUMMER CLEARANCE MARCH... —  read more 

After 8+ years

I’ve always been hesitant to move on. I enjoyed working with my coworkers and have gotten comfortable over the years. Luckily, I’ve made sure to broaden my skill set and keep my networking active because you never know what can happen here. So when I... —  read more 

My heart goes out

I am sorry for everyone that has been affected by this round of layoffs. I know it was unexpected - it is always unexpected when you are the one who has been impacted. I wish all of my colleagues who survived nothing but the best and I hope others... —  read more 

Bi-monthly layoffs

Is it just me, or have we been having what amount to be bi-monthly layoffs this year? It's not exactly two months between each round, but we've had cuts at least five times so far this year. Will this ever stop? How deep do they plan to cut? Will... —  read more 

Why So quiet?

Am I the only one left? or Does no one care anymore? Truth be told I would rather someone give me good news. A reason to be optimistic. I am not on here to vent rather grasping for something to be positive about.

Join us to learn how you to can embrace hybrid cloud by buying dedicated hardware from Dell which we will colo for you in one of our DC’s

Business are reassessing their #cloud strategies and realizing the need to manage a #hybridcloud infrastructure to support critical business functions - VMware virtualized environments is key to this strategy. Join us for a webinar with Dell... —  read more 

You Down with OPG?

To all those that question my employment... Yes I am still here. To all those that question my outlook... Yes I am still positive. To all those that question my commitment... Yes I am still committed 100%. My Employment: I work for a firm that... —  read more 

Status of UK Team?

I'm no longer with SGAS, but was there for a long long time. Did layoffs happen in UK? Just wondering cuz I thought UK was the one bright spot and heard they might be spun off at some point. Thx.

Crotty has left the building!

He was brought in less than 1 year ago, now he's gone. Anyone know the inside scoop as to why a high-ranking sales and marketing executive like BC left? Or did he get fed up with the losing proposition called "Sungard Availability Services"?

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