Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

Goodbye Sungard AS

I have spent most of my career with Sungard AS. Lots of ups and downs but what an amazing group of people I worked with over these many years. Even as we close facilities, the people impacted were as reliable as they always were and did everything... —  read more 

To The Valiant Few Remaining

To the valiant few remaining. Not so much to the hangers on, like deer in the headlights not knowing what to do. But to the bold, brave, knowing their potential fate, and still embark on a likely unrewarded task. Commend your efforts. You hold this... —  read more 

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Mark Your Calendars!

June 21st - Objections to a Sale Transaction - That date has come and gone. June 27th - Reserve price deadline July 11th - Sale Auction. If needed (multiple bids) takes place in NYC July 14, 2022 Hearing to approve the Sale and any Successful... —  read more 

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