Topics regarding layoffs at Bose

Topics regarding layoffs at Bose


After the company shuts down for good, what are the chances of the pension fund remaining strong enough to service all pension commitments?

Bob Maresca

Is Maresca still chairman of the board? If so, why? Hasn't he done enough damage already? Repeatedly pushing for unrealistic growth, leading to big layoffs. After one time, he should have reconsidered the growth fantasy. Second time, he should have... —  read more 

I hate the uncertainty

I can deal with layoffs. They happen. I don't think any company with a sizable workforce can completely escape layoffs. What I can't deal with is the uncertainty that follows. The fear of more to come since we are rarely told anything is omnipresent... —  read more 

This time, it’s different

Based on the people they let go, especially in technology leadership, it’s clear that “better sound (products) though research,” still etched in the CC entry hall is all but a distant memory. Drastic times require drastic steps, but without a... —  read more 

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Leaving Bose to Apple

Hello Folks. Finally decided to leave Bose to Apple. Will be joining their wearables division. Seeing Bose selling Military and Pro divisions that generated profit, that's not a good sign. So better to leave Bose at this point. Best of luck guys on... —  read more 


I was one of the folks who got affected last week and I applied to lots of companies the day I came to know that I am let go. Today, got positive feedback from a company that I attended interviews last week. Working on the final number now. Bose is... —  read more 

The Company Has Changed

This is going to suck this time here at Bose. I have been at this company for almost 22 years and this it the worst I have ever seen it. I think the company is so miss guided in its direction and its values, and the company encourages growth and at... —  read more 

Was way more productive wfh

I believe i was saving alot of my time earlier whf and also at the same time being more productive All the other companies are providing more flexibility as employees return to office but sadly not ours

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Somebody told me he thinks the reason there hasn't been a major layoff lately is that people are being let go in small batches all the time. So instead of one big round, we get hundreds of micro-rounds with the same result in the end. Is this true? I... —  read more 


So many people are leaving, it’s becoming a dizzying exodus. Hard to tell if it’s strictly voluntary? And now Lila want to force people, people who’ve been highly effective working from home, back into the office 3 days per week? It almost feels as... —  read more 

Apple MFi hearing devices

Apple recently announced “new bi- directional hearing aids” operable via MFi I can’t wait for Bose leadership to convince themselves that it’s no big deal and not a threat. I guess many in that group will be axed by the young, fresh-faced... —  read more 

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