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Can MIT sell Bose?

From a logistical point of view, can MIT sell Bose, even if doesn't have any seats on the board? Typically, a struggling company either files for Chapter 7 or 11, or find a buyer for more investment right? What can Bose do, if it continues to lose... —  read more 

Long live Bose

Market conditions cause challenges. And, you know, the axe could fall on my tenure. Have faith. I believe the company will do the best that it can to keep everyone it can. And, on the up side, I have a massive number of job inquiries from... —  read more 

There's no future at Bose

This is old news by now. Every single employee should already be hunting for a new job. This company is determined to outsource what can be outsourced and replace everybody else with younger and cheaper employees. Staying here just means waiting for... —  read more 

Its a shame

Just heard from a former co-worker who has a relative still working at Mass. Our old department is completely gone from management down. I joined in 1995 and have watched what was once a great company slowly dissolve. Sadly the glory days are... —  read more 

Now come the reorgs

Rumors of reorgs, guess it’s to be expected after so many teams were left decimated. Meetings are already being scheduled for next week. I am bracing for the next shoe to fall. What a way to live!

Excellent advice

Get your resume and skill set in order. I'm a software engineer with 30+ years behind me, and I always was working on cutting edge/current technologies - but still 30 years from college meant a lot of my algorithms - 'computer science' knowledge was... —  read more 

Glad I'm gone

I got let go 2 years ago after 25 years with the company. I was told my position was "no longer needed" even though they wound up hiring two people to do my job. I had great reviews, never had a single incident involving HR and no blemishes on my... —  read more 

Next Steps: Where to start

I left Bose last year and while I know this is scary for a lot of people I couldn’t be happier with my new role and company. I’m with a much larger company that doesn’t go through seasonal layoffs like Bose. Very safe. I wanted to add some... —  read more 

Bizarre ending of a career

This is going to be a strange and startling ending to a career. Most left the office to work from home in a hurry, leaving behind personal belongings and much more. How will we have closure, it’s hard to fathom. The Bose culture and pride had been a... —  read more 

Severance question

What are the chances the company will use the pandemic as an excuse to not provide severance packages in the coming layoffs round? I know they said they would, but they might change their mind. It's not as if severance is required by law, and they... —  read more 

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