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Its a shame

Just heard from a former co-worker who has a relative still working at Mass. Our old department is completely gone from management down. I joined in 1995 and have watched what was once a great company slowly dissolve. Sadly the glory days are... —  read more 

Now come the reorgs

Rumors of reorgs, guess it’s to be expected after so many teams were left decimated. Meetings are already being scheduled for next week. I am bracing for the next shoe to fall. What a way to live!

Excellent advice

Get your resume and skill set in order. I'm a software engineer with 30+ years behind me, and I always was working on cutting edge/current technologies - but still 30 years from college meant a lot of my algorithms - 'computer science' knowledge was... —  read more 

Will the Bose pension plan survive?

I was laid off two years ago due to the truck seating program being shut down/ sold off. At 15 years tenure I’m eligible for a pension. However, given the current problems, will the pension plan survive? Any thoughts? Interestingly, as a side... —  read more 

I was hoping to get laid off

The company has gone from bad to worse and most of the people I liked that made this place bearable are now gone. I'll have to stick it out until I can find a new job, but as soon as I do I'm out of here. At my age it won't be easy, but I believe... —  read more 

Leave while there are still available jobs

Nobody is safe at Bose, everybody should know that by now. There is no end in sight to these layoffs and there'll be very few left standing once it's all done. Right now, there are still available jobs since a lot of people are milking the extra... —  read more 

if your manager doesn't like you, you're gone

even if you're a great worker, even if you've never had a complaint filed against you, if your manager doesn't like you you can consider yourself gone. merit plays no role at bose, and everybody who's considering this place for employment should know... —  read more 

Total number?

Any ideas on how many people have been laid off so far? And how many are still left to go?

Glad I'm gone

I got let go 2 years ago after 25 years with the company. I was told my position was "no longer needed" even though they wound up hiring two people to do my job. I had great reviews, never had a single incident involving HR and no blemishes on my... —  read more 

Next Steps: Where to start

I left Bose last year and while I know this is scary for a lot of people I couldn’t be happier with my new role and company. I’m with a much larger company that doesn’t go through seasonal layoffs like Bose. Very safe. I wanted to add some... —  read more 

Let us rally ourselves against complacency!

"The week" is here. Encouraging us all to take ownership of our energies, our emotions, our engagements, our situations and ultimately, our futures in a positive direction. Starting today. There is a bright future beyond Bose. Seek it! Embrace it!... —  read more 

Bizarre ending of a career

This is going to be a strange and startling ending to a career. Most left the office to work from home in a hurry, leaving behind personal belongings and much more. How will we have closure, it’s hard to fathom. The Bose culture and pride had been a... —  read more 

Severance question

What are the chances the company will use the pandemic as an excuse to not provide severance packages in the coming layoffs round? I know they said they would, but they might change their mind. It's not as if severance is required by law, and they... —  read more 

if you have a heart, tell me when the layoffs are

i get it - you have no information except you do every email i check, i think it's "the one" scheduling a 1:1 with my director or my manager to announce my layoff please for the love of god just give me a date so i can stop living like this

Is anybody safe?

A coworker is annoyingly unaffected by the news of coming layoffs because he's certain he is safe. He thinks because he's been with the company for about two decades there is nobody who can do his job better and in his mind that makes him... —  read more 

Everybody should be looking for a way out

The company is a sinking ship people. Everyone should be prepping resumes and getting tf out ASAP. Lots of lifers that have a hard time seeing the writing on a wall. It’s been sinking for years and is NOT going to turnaround. Even if you are one of... —  read more 

More Layoffs End of June

I am p-ss-d off. Why tell us there are layoffs coming in the next few weeks without saying when or who? We are going to be stressed out and demotivated to work. So f—ing stupid. Just don't say anything at all until it happens.

Too much politics at Bose

Bose has stopped developing wifi speakers (Soundtouch and smart Home speaker). Its market share of wifi speaker is very small because it is too expensive. It cannot compete with Google or Amazon or Sonos. Lots of engineers will either switch to... —  read more 

2020 layoffs

Following the announcement to close all global retail stores a round of layoffs happened in January. But these were hardly related to retail. Likely this was another round that each department had to cut staff by x-percent without any vision or... —  read more 

Yup, More Layoffs

This company won't be afloat much longer. They have massive layoffs every year and they are not making money. STAY AWAY.

Columbia staff was as generous as they were allowed to be

I worked there when they were closing and i remember the managers saying "Anything in your cubicle on your last day - you can take home!" Apparently they were trying to cut down on moving expenses, people moved lots of the product into their cubicle... —  read more 

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I'm one of the ones who lost his job when they closed the Blythewood plant. I have no hard feelings, Bose was good while it lasted the 19 years I worked at the plant but it's a shame what happened to them. Ironically they would probably be weathering... —  read more 

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Layoffs Coming - GDE Reductions

Layoffs coming soon in early 2019. No specifics yet, but everyone in GDE has been "suggested" to look for work elsewhere in the company, which points to a massive reduction if not total elimination of that department.

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