Topics regarding layoffs at Bose

Topics regarding layoffs at Bose


Somebody told me he thinks the reason there hasn't been a major layoff lately is that people are being let go in small batches all the time. So instead of one big round, we get hundreds of micro-rounds with the same result in the end. Is this true? I... —  read more 

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So many people are leaving, it’s becoming a dizzying exodus. Hard to tell if it’s strictly voluntary? And now Lila want to force people, people who’ve been highly effective working from home, back into the office 3 days per week? It almost feels as... —  read more 

Apple MFi hearing devices

Apple recently announced “new bi- directional hearing aids” operable via MFi I can’t wait for Bose leadership to convince themselves that it’s no big deal and not a threat. I guess many in that group will be axed by the young, fresh-faced... —  read more 

Game over for Bose?

With Apple dropping their AirPods Max, it is easy to imagine Apple eating into the noise cancelling market share. Is this the end of the road for Bose in a segment they have historically dominated? How is the leadership reacting?

If you had a 1 on 1

If LS approached you and sincerely asked for your opinion on what was a detriment within the company what would you say? If you were to give your input on how to improve the company within any or all areas what would be your reply? I am curious to... —  read more 

Team morale

Layoffs twice a year are bound to keep us anxious, stressed and unfocused not just when they happen, but also in the weeks immediately before and after. This has caused such a huge loss in morale in my team over time that all but one person are... —  read more 

Here’s the problem

There are a few people in upper management as well as executives that need to be removed from the company. They need to be replaced with competent leadership or Bose won’t survive. For change to happen it should have started at the top - then worked... —  read more 

Good advice

I was laid off earlier this year. My advice is to be easy on yourself. It’s like a death. I gave myself a few days to grieve and feel bad without beating myself up, then focused on moving forward. Didn’t think of big picture but just tried to... —  read more 

Can MIT sell Bose?

From a logistical point of view, can MIT sell Bose, even if doesn't have any seats on the board? Typically, a struggling company either files for Chapter 7 or 11, or find a buyer for more investment right? What can Bose do, if it continues to lose... —  read more 

Long live Bose

Market conditions cause challenges. And, you know, the axe could fall on my tenure. Have faith. I believe the company will do the best that it can to keep everyone it can. And, on the up side, I have a massive number of job inquiries from... —  read more 

There's no future at Bose

This is old news by now. Every single employee should already be hunting for a new job. This company is determined to outsource what can be outsourced and replace everybody else with younger and cheaper employees. Staying here just means waiting for... —  read more 

Its a shame

Just heard from a former co-worker who has a relative still working at Mass. Our old department is completely gone from management down. I joined in 1995 and have watched what was once a great company slowly dissolve. Sadly the glory days are... —  read more 

Now come the reorgs

Rumors of reorgs, guess it’s to be expected after so many teams were left decimated. Meetings are already being scheduled for next week. I am bracing for the next shoe to fall. What a way to live!

Excellent advice

Get your resume and skill set in order. I'm a software engineer with 30+ years behind me, and I always was working on cutting edge/current technologies - but still 30 years from college meant a lot of my algorithms - 'computer science' knowledge was... —  read more 

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