Topics regarding layoffs at Bose

Topics regarding layoffs at Bose

Layoffs are a good thing

Bose has not been a good company to work for years. Things have been deteriorating in every aspect, particularly the company culture. Now we have to deal with toxicity and abuse every day and nobody cares and nobody is doing anything about it. If I... —  read more 

Women at Bose

While nearly all other major players in the tech space have put out a statement on how they plan to support their employees with Roe v Wade being overturned, Bose has stayed silent. Sad to say that I am not shocked considering they refuse to match... —  read more 

I still miss it.

I’ll always look back with fond memories of the years I worked at Bose, especially those early days before plant closings and layoffs.. In spite of all the negativity and talk of sinking ships, nothing compares. I even still have an old jelly jar... —  read more 

Bob Maresca

Is Maresca still chairman of the board? If so, why? Hasn't he done enough damage already? Repeatedly pushing for unrealistic growth, leading to big layoffs. After one time, he should have reconsidered the growth fantasy. Second time, he should have... —  read more 

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