Topics regarding layoffs at Bose

Topics regarding layoffs at Bose

Everything is Awesome!!! Being a private company, there is no requirement to prove these claims via... —  read more 

RTO Mandate

Given recent internal company messaging, big cuts will likely be required in the future. Early retirement is step 1, and oddly specific/rigid return to office mandates are step 2. Once everyone has retired or quit, then the landscape will be assessed... —  read more 


Was not expecting this news today! Who else got an email? I wonder what the offer will be… and if this is a precursor to another layoff?!


The white-on blue "BOSE" sign on route 117 in Stow hasn't been removed, and it was decaying. Somebody removed the "O" from both sides of the sign. Today, I drove by, and there's a brand new BOSE sign, in standard Bose Corporation white-on-black. As a... —  read more 

Goodbye Pro

Transom (Firtel) likes to buy companies in trouble, gut them, downsize them, and wring as much capital out of them as possible. Goodbye Pro. After decades of being considered a bad joke in the Pro Audio world, Bose finally gained some respect in the... —  read more 

Cuts can’t fix this mess

*Cutting lifeboats, each cut is a lifeboat leaving. Pro, PTS, retail, all of these cuts are never coming back. If the root cause is bad business all the cuts in the world can’t make this move. Eventually the assets will be gone and nothing else... —  read more 

Seems inevitable…

Not sure how Bose is going to make it into the next few years without more cuts. Growing from where things are will take more time/patience and money… all dwindling over the last 5 years. I would predict more sales and marketing cuts… engineering is... —  read more 

Layoffs are a good thing

Bose has not been a good company to work for years. Things have been deteriorating in every aspect, particularly the company culture. Now we have to deal with toxicity and abuse every day and nobody cares and nobody is doing anything about it. If I... —  read more 

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Uncertainty is the worst

Honestly, I would rather hear that tomorrow is my last day here, than to keep waiting for a long time to find out when that will happen. It is simply impossible to be productive and do your job professionally in this much uncertainty... —  read more 

Layoffs around the corner

Rumors about upcoming layoffs have started to circulate, but I hope that it will remain rumors only. However, perhaps someone here has some convincing arguments that layoffs indeed are around the corner?

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Why are you still at Bose?

For me, it was fear of starting something new at my age. I got over it and left a few months ago and my new job is so much better in every way. It makes me wonder why the rest of you are still there when the company these days has no redeeming... —  read more 

Con te partirò …

What was once a vibrant workplace became a little depressing. Every week, there is someone leaving the company. LinkedIn has been all about good-byes. Is it time to say goodbye?

Cuts don't sound reasonable

I've also heard some rumors about possible cuts, but I really refuse to believe that it is true. Many people have left and are still leaving. Who would be the target this time? Who will remain here if there are cuts again? New cuts could cause even... —  read more 

I thought that was impossible

When others told me that after leaving this miserable place they got jobs where they are paid 30% more, I couldn't believe it.. until I got a job where I got an even bigger increase. How much more do you get paid since you left this place? Also... —  read more 

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