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Too much politics at Bose

Bose has stopped developing wifi speakers (Soundtouch and smart Home speaker). Its market share of wifi speaker is very small because it is too expensive. It cannot compete with Google or Amazon or Sonos. Lots of engineers will either switch to... —  read more 

2020 layoffs

Following the announcement to close all global retail stores a round of layoffs happened in January. But these were hardly related to retail. Likely this was another round that each department had to cut staff by x-percent without any vision or... —  read more 

Yup, More Layoffs

This company won't be afloat much longer. They have massive layoffs every year and they are not making money. STAY AWAY.

Columbia staff was as generous as they were allowed to be

I worked there when they were closing and i remember the managers saying "Anything in your cubicle on your last day - you can take home!" Apparently they were trying to cut down on moving expenses, people moved lots of the product into their cubicle... —  read more 

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I'm one of the ones who lost his job when they closed the Blythewood plant. I have no hard feelings, Bose was good while it lasted the 19 years I worked at the plant but it's a shame what happened to them. Ironically they would probably be weathering... —  read more 

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Layoffs Coming - GDE Reductions

Layoffs coming soon in early 2019. No specifics yet, but everyone in GDE has been "suggested" to look for work elsewhere in the company, which points to a massive reduction if not total elimination of that department.

Gave 25 years of my life to this company

I had 5 more years to go. Restructure is what they call it. Basically they found a way to clean house of people close to retirement to reduce paying high salaries and benefits. Offered a buyout of 3 years retirement. I took it because I feared my job... —  read more 

Ten wasted years at this dump in tech support

I have never worked and will never again work for a sleazier company than Bose. I'd love to see the brand drift and die. Greed is the #1 for them. I have been away from this job for four years and it still haunts me every single day of my life. Worst... —  read more 

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Dr. Bose is rolling over in his grave!

Yet another lay off at Bose, not surprised at all. Thank you Bose management for doing such a poor job managing the company! Bose tends to keep very incompetent people and now the company has gone so far downhill due to poor decision making and lack... —  read more 

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Any updates?

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Dr Bose

I wish if he can come over for an hour or so to see what kind of mess the current management lineup is causing

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2015 Layoffs at Bose

Layoffs are in progress, good luck to all of you at Bose - I left in 2011 but still have many friends over there

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Blythewood Closing

Start getting your 5 finger discount before it's too late. I'm going to get mine as much as I have put in to this crap hole.

Shift from Blythewood to Malaysia

In 2009 we cut 1000 people and last year we shipped 200 jobs from Blythewood to Malaysia - Bose will continue to do this, good paying US based jobs will continue to be sent overseas - we can all see it, it's a pity, this used to be a great company...

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