Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS

Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS


Contrators, if we want to get paid we have to make sure our manager is in a good mood for them to sign the time sheet. Email pushers get hired and contractors get the short end of the stick. sick of this sh-t.

Say Bye Bye and Bye Losers Good riddance. The way CBS treated their employees this is the least that can happen to them Keep selling yourself until you have... —  read more 

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See Yah CBS Studio Center Or shall I say see yah suckers. I'm so glad I left that horrible company. I hope they all slide into the ocean.

Return to Office PBE

I’m a project based employee not tied to any projects and was hired during the pandemic/ my contract continues to be renewed. I did not receive the survey back in March on what my opinions were for returning to the office but I am required to do so... —  read more 

Viacom CBS Merging

Some big company like Comcast or Amazon will scoop up Viacom CBS for pennies, I would say they are worth about 10 cents total these days. So glad I left that company and the future is so bright

Project Based Employees

After experiencing a merger + pandemic you’d think ViacomCBS would at least pretend to give a damn about the well-being of their employees... instead they continue to take advantage of “project-based” employees that have dedicated their lives for... —  read more 


Any news about STIP? Are they canceling it like the merit increases were cancelled? Still happening but way below normal? When did CBS bonuses pay out before the merger?

Raise Freeze

I hear that CBS employees were notified that there will be no increases this year. Viacom employees have been informed this will be the same for them when their merit increases are due on the first of the year. Has anyone heard anymore information on... —  read more 

Game Over

The Week Old Hollywood Finally, Actually Died The streaming services are in charge, and bringing a ruthless new culture with them. The New York Times / Ben Smith (Archived at ) Aug. 16, 2020, 8:43 p.m. ET For... —  read more 

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