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Its going no where because there are not enough s—erss that believe in the S#!T that they are shoveling. Ya lets sell our S#!T and move to a state in the middle of nowhere. Thats a great idea. The only good thing that Nebraska has going for it is those NEBRASKA COEDS videos. Thats about it......if you did move there thats because you couldn't make it in any other state. #TRUTH

Driving away talent

Oracle is driving out anyone with talent, why would anyone stay somewhere when you never knew if this paycheck will be your last, or if you'll get laid off to save paying you RSU's? The only people staying are those to afraid/complacent to find something better.

That leaves Oracle as an entire company of B-Team players competing against the best companies in a high stakes game. No wonder they are getting their asses kicked.

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Absolute truth. #TRUTH

It’s sad but makes sense that Citrix would have lay-off soon after the security breach. The people that should be getting laid off are the ones who sat by for 6 plus months while hackers stole more than 6T of the companies private information (that’s what the news is reporting). PEOPLE WERE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEEL. Six months is a long long long time to be asleep - just saying. Those people should be replaced with more alert, savy, and woke employees. #truth

Sitting in the Market now eating lunch with my friends. We love this site. Lots of truth and some good comedy. Posting this on my work phone. Don’t care cause I know my destiny this Thursday is the unemployment line. How do I know this? My boss cancelled a key project meeting with the team this Thursday and is now going to meet with a vendor in Pennsylvania next week that I had booked travel for. One word. #truth

Wasn't there a #TRUTH comment in here about how the management behave like junior high kids. Where did that go? I think some things were deleted in here.

But, definitely, the junior high thugs and creeps are running the management in TKs org.

SC says that growth by acquisition is cheaper than organic sales costs. LE BOUGHT IN TO HER cheaper sales costs by aquisition long ago.

Oracle historically screws sales reps over and post-sale cuts any comp. This is increasingly hurting the business as churn and employee bad blood. Couple this with little to no internal reinvestment in the acquired assets and you have two things:

  1. Pissed off customers

  2. Dying products

In today’s modern tech age this equals one thing: loss of market share

Turning this around by entrapping people with oracles DBaaS, LE’s new brainchild, is Long shot. LE doesn’t have enough years left to do it. #Truth

#TRUTH: “Try and look at the management as if they are all in junior-high and it will all make much more sense.”

Well put. Exactly.

1) it is completely childish that someone would get offended by a coffee mug. If you don't like it don't look at it. Grow up.

2) the fact that Williams HR took it seriously shows about where the companies priorities are. Last time I checked it is a free country and I can drink out of whatever cup I want to. It is harrarrment and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Come on folks. In the real world this stuff does't happen. Only in the land of crazy Williams. Maybe someone should be offended by the fact that 80% of the management team is unqualified and gets rid of the people below them that may be a threat to their cushioned position. They continue to promote medioracy to make themselves look better. My advice is run as fast as you can away from this joke of a company. It's a sinking ship and other companies look at Williams as a joke. #truth #embarrassmenttooklahoma

generally people who only reply with things like "lies" or "hearsay", are just deflecting from the imminent #truth.


FCUK the new Doug Lawler Chesapeake! It's a fcuked up company run by nothing but heartless cunts who taint-licked their way into upper level positions that they are in no way qualified for. What a bunch of pathetic pieces of shit. I hope the whole GD place goes up in flames.


#truth. That is so funny. The truth is they are going to fire most staff and rehire at way less than that $38k. Why? Because the economy is bad and there is a new college grad that will take anything and they don't know that hardworking people making 80,90, 50, 60k are being rushed out the door because the student count is down. LOL. They will keep laying off. And I'm with hater, it is kind of hard to talk to idiots all day and not want to tell them you are kind of dumb. UoP really does have something good to offer. It is just too expensive and wasted on the type of people that come to the school.