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Being canned by O is like being in a dark tunnel and suddenly getting thrust into the light. At first, it’s blinding and it’s hard to see the path forward. Then your eyes adjust to all the possibilities. And you are able to take a huge step forward.

OP: You felt compelled to post it on a layoff site where no doubt you came to see if you were possibly the next on the list. #winning

The stock price fills only the "leadership" pocket. The little guys get nothing. The only way they can maintain that price is by cost-cutting which means more layoffs. Margins are decreasing and sales will decrease too. #truth

The KPI for SG senior management right now is how many workers we can get rid of without having to pay any sort of package. Even NSI-PIP consumes cash due to PIL option. However, if we make it so undesirable - pay freeze 2 years, AWS cut, cease all awards, have a cut throat PA system, people will leave on their own and there’s more cash in the bank to pay dividends. #truth

Seriously? You think Nextgen's problem is service implementation? HA. You might as well try to blame the problem on the cleaning staff. It is a problem with it being just a horrible mostly vaporware product that is put together like bubblegum and duct tape. At least for Nextgen Payroll. I can't speak to the Tax Product. But I know first hand how terrible the Nextgen Payroll product is. They want to paint fancy lipstick on it, but it is a pig and a half behind the scenes. It is terribly written together hack by a bunch of outside consultants that have no idea about payroll in the least. It is a complete step backwards for clients. ADP just needs to admit that they messed up big and license Workday - as it is 1000x better and trusted and reliable and won't fall over when someone enters payroll. Nothing at ADP comes remotely close to Workday.

As far as the stock goes - it is ONLY going up because the entire market is going up. It is not going up because ADP is doubling or tripling its revenues or because clients are happy and spending more. Exact opposite. Yes, stock has gone up slightly but it is even more likely now to get hammered worse due to the poor management decisions and unhappy clients as a result. Wake up. If you want to really check value, look at the crummy return on the stock pre-pandemic price vs now. It is a horribly bad return for that time. And before you start to complain about the pandemic - every other company in the world dealt witht he same thing and many pre-pandemic vs current prices have yield WAY WAY higher return that Carlos's measly 5% in over a year. Now that is #TRUTH

What a horrible post in that it's flat wrong based on every business book I've ever read. Human Capital is key to any business no matter how big or small. What a bitter ugly heart the OP has.

I've never once worked for a company that was outright cold to employees and just the severance package alone at Wells is more generous than most.

Let me say lastly, I hate to work for around or have to eat at the breakfast table of the OP. #truth

Read all the negative comments on Facebook

The person who said they feel it’s just a “few” employees who write negatively on this page should just go on the Facebook page and read all the negative comments from customers, that’s a REAL eye opener!!!! And these are just customers who order a shirt, shoes, or handbag or come into the store for a short period, not an employee who has to work at belk full or part time... #TRUTH

Its going no where because there are not enough s—erss that believe in the S#!T that they are shoveling. Ya lets sell our S#!T and move to a state in the middle of nowhere. Thats a great idea. The only good thing that Nebraska has going for it is those NEBRASKA COEDS videos. Thats about it......if you did move there thats because you couldn't make it in any other state. #TRUTH

Driving away talent

Oracle is driving out anyone with talent, why would anyone stay somewhere when you never knew if this paycheck will be your last, or if you'll get laid off to save paying you RSU's? The only people staying are those to afraid/complacent to find something better.

That leaves Oracle as an entire company of B-Team players competing against the best companies in a high stakes game. No wonder they are getting their asses kicked.

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Absolute truth. #TRUTH

It’s sad but makes sense that Citrix would have lay-off soon after the security breach. The people that should be getting laid off are the ones who sat by for 6 plus months while hackers stole more than 6T of the companies private information (that’s what the news is reporting). PEOPLE WERE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEEL. Six months is a long long long time to be asleep - just saying. Those people should be replaced with more alert, savy, and woke employees. #truth

Sitting in the Market now eating lunch with my friends. We love this site. Lots of truth and some good comedy. Posting this on my work phone. Don’t care cause I know my destiny this Thursday is the unemployment line. How do I know this? My boss cancelled a key project meeting with the team this Thursday and is now going to meet with a vendor in Pennsylvania next week that I had booked travel for. One word. #truth

Wasn't there a #TRUTH comment in here about how the management behave like junior high kids. Where did that go? I think some things were deleted in here.

But, definitely, the junior high thugs and creeps are running the management in TKs org.

SC says that growth by acquisition is cheaper than organic sales costs. LE BOUGHT IN TO HER cheaper sales costs by aquisition long ago.

Oracle historically screws sales reps over and post-sale cuts any comp. This is increasingly hurting the business as churn and employee bad blood. Couple this with little to no internal reinvestment in the acquired assets and you have two things:

  1. Pissed off customers

  2. Dying products

In today’s modern tech age this equals one thing: loss of market share

Turning this around by entrapping people with oracles DBaaS, LE’s new brainchild, is Long shot. LE doesn’t have enough years left to do it. #Truth